5 Essential Skills for a Successful Career in Business Administration


Businesses these days are all about leading the pack. New markets, globalization, and stiffer competition have made it imperative for businesses to upgrade their operational capabilities, both in terms of developing niche skills and an improved workforce. As a result, the demand of skilled business administrators has increased manifold. Nowadays, organizations need business administrators who can not only work towards the development of core performance areas, but also focus on improving profit margins. Continuing the discussion, Curious gives you five essential skills that you can learn at a school in business administration, to ensure a thriving career. Take a look.

1. Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the backbone of any organization. It starts even before a business sees daylight, and is essential for organizations to make the right decisions and allocate the available resources towards achieving their goals. It also helps control the mechanisms that eventually contribute to the overall profitability of a business venture. Strategic planning, therefore, is a core competency that business administrators need to develop, to sustain and scale a business.

2. Accounting Skills

Accounting skills are essential for business administrators to record, report, and interpret financial information. Many business administration schools have specific certifications that help budding entrepreneurs develop an understanding of the financial ecosystem work and its impact on the business’ sustainability. Business administrators, therefore, must have an acumen for planning, interpreting and implementing financial information.

Business Communication Connection People Concept3. Business Communication

During the days in business administration school, you would have seen your professors emphasize on the development of effective business communication skills. Effective business communication allows you to manage your brand, develop effective marketing skills, forge better customer relations, understand consumer behavior, and manage resources for advertising, public relations, community engagement, and corporate communications.

4. People Management Skills

No one can be a good leader unless they have the right mindset to manage their workforce. You must understand that the morale of employees directly reflects in the overall output and profitability of an organization. Business administrators, therefore, need to develop effective people management skills, to ensure optimum productivity of employees by providing them with the right work environment.

5. Tech Skills

Last but not the least, technical skills also play an important role in shaping your career as a business administrator. Tech skills reflect specific practical knowledge in individuals, bolstering your image as a problem solver. Understanding the technical aspects of your business helps you forecast and implement effective strategies to improve the overall physical output of your business.

Wrap Up

To be a successful business administrator, you need to think beyond the laid down rules of running a business. Growing markets, better opportunities, and increased competition demand individuals who are always on their toes, understand the core principles of business management, and are not afraid to persevere. To prepare for the business world, getting the right education is a prerequisite. Stratford University offers business administration courses and several other online degree programs. To learn more about our school for business administration or enroll, fill out our contact form or simply call 703-539-6890.