The Hottest Jobs in I.T.

Being a nerd has never felt so…rewarding. It can be said that Information Technology (I.T.) personnel are the rock stars of the Internet, but many associate I.T. personnel as being just a bunch of boring nerds who talk about modems and connection speeds all day. But, that’s not entirely true. There are some sweet gigs out there for the I.T. crowd, and a few them could make want to start thinking about switching careers.

The future of I.T. looks bright, and its only expected to get brighter. Some of the hottest jobs are associated with I.T. that you may not have thought to entertain before, and they all make a nice salary. A mobile app developer is looking at an average salary of $95,000. With smartphones and tablets changing the way we consumer media at work and home, the demand for people who know how to create and design a stellar app is through the roof. Software engineers will be writing the future of the Internet, to the tune of an average salary of $90,000, and writing cloud-based programs will be one of their specialties.

Be sure to check out the other jobs, and see if there’s any that spark your interest, or coolness factor. 

via: King College

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