Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Generating Revenue

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If you’re doing the one thing on social media you should be doing every day, you’re ahead of 80% of the people using it. But what if you’re posting, engaging, tagging, and growing your audience, but don’t have any revenue to show for it?

You’re not alone.

In fact, last month I spoke with a small business owner who was frustrated over his results. “We’re already uploading videos and putting photos on Facebook: what else can we do?”

You don’t have to do more, it’s all in HOW you do it.

No goal = no revenue

Be honest: have you identified what your goal is in using social media? Most small businesses create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and do some posts in the hopes of getting new clients. But exactly HOW they plan to turn those fans & followers into clients they’re a little fuzzy on.

You need SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Based) with an action plan supporting them. Goal-setting isn’t anything new to you if you’re a professional, but setting SMART goals and creating an action plan as to how you’ll achieve them might be. If so, check out our posts on how to do each:

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Help! I’m lost in your website!

Rarely will you get a sale directly from a social network (online stores on Facebook have been a huge disappointment for most brands except Starbucks). Instead, people see a great photo on Instagram, watch your video on YouTube, or see your coupon on Facebook and become a fan.

Eventually, they’ll click through to your website. Then what?

Have you made it CLEAR:

  • where they are?
  • where to go to find what they need?
  • who you are?
  • why they should buy from you?
  • WHERE to buy from you?

You may ROCK your social media marketing, but if your website is unclear, confusing, and unfriendly, you’ve lost a potential client.

Who are you? Who Who? Who Who?

I’m amazed at the number of small businesses that don’t have an About page, contact information beyond info@icouldbearobot.com, or any other humanizing connection on their website.

Ultimately, we do business with people. We buy from people we trust. If you don’t have your name, photo, bio, or telephone number on your website, your visitors aren’t going to risk purchasing from you.

Realize that visitors are ALWAYS going to be wary of purchasing from you the first time. They don’t know you personally, don’t attend your church, and didn’t realize you volunteer with a soup kitchen and haven’t seen your family photo album from Disney World. They’re afraid of being ripped off.

Connect with them by sharing who you are and how to get in touch with you.

Why should I?

What makes you so unique, so special from every other one of your competitors, that visitors should buy from you instead of them?

It’s a hard question, but you better be able to answer it on your website.

Because I assure you, visitors are searching the web looking for your competitors, searching for reviews, and have multiple tabs open on their browsers comparing each of your offers.

Be ruthless in evaluating your unique value proposition (UVP) — why your product/service is better than your competitors. If you can’t clearly articulate that, your visitors won’t get it, and you won’t get the sale.


No one likes to hear their “baby is ugly,” and for most of us, our websites are like our babies. Keep an open mind about your own website, and take an objective look at it (better yet, get a friend with a reputation for being brutally honest to review it). Consider making making the changes I’ve shared with you, and you’ll definitely see an uptick in the revenue your social media marketing generates.

What’s been your experience in tying your social media efforts to revenue?

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