9 Gmail-Ready Add-Ons To Boost Email Productivity

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Reading and answering emails can take up lots of time, time being a currency you don’t just waste if you’re managing a business. Emails, however, can’t be ignored forever, particularly if you rely on them for internal and external communication. And whether you like it or not, despite all those talk about email nearing the end of its useful life or that social media is soon to replace email, stats show that email is here to stay.

Apart from the best Email marketing software, there is Gmail, one of the best and most widely used free email services out there, here are Gmail-ready add-ons to bump up your email productivity:

No Internet, no problem

  1. Gmail Offline

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The Internet has made many things possible – easier communication, faster transactions, research at your fingertips, you name it. But ready access to the Internet isn’t everywhere, not yet, at least. You may need to be on the field, in the basement of an office building, or somewhere where there simply is no way to access the Internet. How then will you manage your emails?

Gmail Offline answers that need. Once installed, it downloads your emails for you, making them accessible even while you’re offline. Emails can then be read, archived, searched and responded to, and once you get back online, everything will automatically be synced.

Email sent in haste? Oops …

  1. Undo Send

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Remember that time you hastily sent a reply due to excitement and realized, after hitting Send, you’ve just sent a potential big client an email that’s riddled with typos and grammatical errors?

Thankfully, Undo Send can take back whatever it is you regret having sent. From the Settings pane in Gmail, select Undo Send from the Labs tab, and then click the Enable button. Save the changes, and you now have 10 seconds to change your mind after sending an email. To adjust the default cancellation time window to 30 seconds, go to the General tab under Settings, look for Undo Send and select 30 seconds from the drop-down menu.

Multiple email clients, one inbox

  1. CloudMagic

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CloudMagic is an email management app that supports various email platforms like Gmail, Office 365, Exchange, Google Apps, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook and IMAP, allowing you to manage multiple email accounts from one unified inbox. It can also readily integrate with work tools like Salesforce.com, Pocket, Evernote, Zendesk, OneNote, Asana, Trello, Todoist and MailChimp to further boost your productivity. The app utilizes as little resources as possible and reliably sends push notifications for all email accounts.

Opens and clicks tracking, plus some more

  1. mxHero Toolbox

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A multifunctional and versatile Gmail add-on, mxHero Toolbox equips users with a number of ingenious features that include:

  • Read Receipts – lets you know once an email has been opened

  • Click and Attachment Tracking – notifies you when an attachment has been opened and a link within an email has been clicked

  • Remind Me – reminds you of important emails

  • Reply Timeout – sends you an automatic alert to identify emails that haven’t been answered yet

  • Send Later – allows you to pick the date and time to deliver emails

  • Private Delivery – maintains the privacy of group bcc emails

  • Self-Destruct – lets you keep communications private, as your sent email is automatically deleted after five minutes of being read

Account and sales management straight from your inbox

  1. Sidekick by HubSpot

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Especially created for sales professionals looking to close as many deals as possible, business developers, professional networkers, project and account managers, or anybody who want to increase their email productivity, Sidekick by HubSpot is an extension that tracks email opens, schedules emails to be sent at a later time, and organizes contact profiles that include the person’s title, company, social profiles, and their most recent tweets.

Aside from Gmail, Sidekick by HubSpot works with Outlook, Outlook.com and OWA (Outlook Web App), Apple Mail, Salesforce and HubSpot.

  1. Streak

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Streak for Gmail is an app that allows you to directly manage clients or customers inside Gmail, without switching on and off between platforms. Streak is a CRM tool packed into your email inbox, allowing you to organize, sort and group emails into “pipelines” and “boxes.” Threads, leads and categories can be created and pooled into a “box” (a client’s name, for example), which you can share with your team to keep everyone apprised of important updates, notes, details and statuses.

  1. ToutApp

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Optimized for sales teams, Tout assists sales professionals with leads monitoring, conversions and transactions. It’s also equipped with customizable email templates so you don’t always have to start your emails from scratch, analytics (e.g., email and attachment tracking) to measure email effectiveness, CRM integration and meeting scheduler.

Manage your calendars and to-dos

  1. Any.do

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Any.do is a task management app that allows users to manage their to-dos by letting them add reminders by time or location, attach notes, files or sub-tasks, and search through notes, tasks and sub-tasks fast. Any.do also keeps your lists in sync across various devices. Its clean and easy-to-use interface ensures you’re focused on your to-dos instead of application usage intricacies.

Subscription management and inbox cleanup

  1. Unroll.me

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If too much email is clouding your inbox and taking your focus away from essential conversations, Unroll.me can be a lifesaver. After signing up, a list of all your email subscriptions will show up, and with just a few clicks, you can unsubscribe from those you don’t want to receive any more updates from – no more manually unsubscribing one by one. Later, you can combine all your subscriptions into a digest called the Rollup, which appears in your inbox at the time you specify, every day.

Which other Gmail add-ons can you recommend?

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