How Secure Is Your Cloud? (Infographic)

Cloud computing

How Secure Is Your Cloud? (Infographic) image how secure is your cloud V2

There has been a lot of buzz around cloud computing lately, but not many people know what that actually means. This infographic will try to resolve some mystery surrounding that topic. Cloud computing is a revolutionary concept that gives you the opportunity of accessing your data over a network, like the Internet. That means your data is located in a cloud and you can access it from any other computer or even from your mobile phone. This can save your life in cases of emergencies when you need to access some file quick and easy. If you have heard of it, but you are not sure if it is absolutely secure, you should read this infographic carefully.

Many companies are starting to see that cloud usage can be really useful in business world. Over 50 % of firms are currently using it in the United States. It definitely has a lot of benefits when compared with traditional computing. This infographic is based on a survey of 200 IT managers who use cloud security in their own workplace. They were asked series of questions about common security system used in their workplace, BYOD policy, their top security priorities and much more. You will find some interesting results here. For example, 17 percent of IT managers said they use DNS security ineffectively, while 11.5 percent are not using it at all. At the same time more than a half of these surveyed IT managers think that some threats with using Cloud really exist. These treats include attacks from other companies’ computers, data loss, hackers, data breach and much more. Those are some really interesting and at the same time alarming results. If you want to protect your business, you should look at this infographic and find out which treats you face when using the cloud.

Did you know that there are couple of common security options that can make cloud computing more secure like VPN blocking, DNS security, approved devices. What does that actually mean? VPN or Virtual Private Networks allow secure and private access across different platforms. Approved devices are platforms or computers that have been connected with the proper security configurations to the corporate cloud and DNS or Domain Name System security is used to protect individual domains. It your workplace is using these security options, you and your cloud will be safe.


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