Why Aren’t You Having Fun with Your CRM?

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If not you should be. An executive of a small business recently admitted to me that he was intimidated by his customer relationship management software or CRM. I told him that was not how it was intended to be. CRMs are meant to be FUN! The pleasure of organizing everything in one place. Order triumphing over chaos. The kind of intense satisfaction you can get from arranging your sock drawer. All those neat features to be explored and mastered that save you time, money and energy. That’s FUN!

At least it should be. There are a lot of CRMs out there that are not much fun at all. They can be so complex that you feel overwhelmed. They can come with customer service that is downright depressing. They can keep you tethered to your desktop and obstruct your mobility. They can be so expensive that even though you are having fun you feel kind of guilty for doing so. They can be slow, clunky, awkward and not in any way enjoyable.

I think your CRM should be a tool that gives you the same sense of satisfaction as wielding a powerful sledgehammer. All you have to do is swing in the direction of that thin dividing wall and BAM!…Results. It should not frustrate, it should be empowering and you should have fun while you use it.

Here are Four Features of Four CRMs that make managing customers and relationships much more enjoyable:

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Pipeliner CRM

One thing everyone can agree on is that data entry is not fun. Pipeliner CRM takes that seriously with its bold claim: “A picture of your sales target is worth 1,000 spreadsheets.”

Pipeliner CRM is designed for sales teams to work more productively together and understand their targets better. By improving communication between managers and sales reps, the old ancient spreadsheet techniques fall into the dustbin of history. It is replaced by contact and account management, relationship mapping, forecasting and reporting and more. You can see the value for an individual sales person, but multiply that by cloud collaboration and these features become a great opportunity for small and large teams alike to be in sync in real-time.

With better team communication comes better reporting that provide actionable insights for improving sales. And although it may depend if you are winning or losing, a little healthy competition between professionals can be fun. Know exactly who is selling what and who is closing the most deals. Encourage top performance with rewards for the sales reps that close fastest. Pipeliner CRM is all about teamwork and making selling more effective and more efficient. Start your Pipeliner CRM Free Trial Here.


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“A CRM that you’ll actually enjoy using” is what Contactually promises to its users. That does sound like fun. But what’s so enjoyable about it? It all comes down to people. Contactually maximizes the value of your personal, social, and professional connections.

Imagine if you really harnessed the power of your network. If you organized it. Contactually helps you build the relationships that matter across email, social networks and other channels at any scale. You’ll get reminders to respond at crucial moments sparing you embarrassment or a lost opportunity. You’ll even get help in choosing what to say with context sensitive email templates that can automatically insert names, dates, previous jobs, or anything else. Classify your relationships and connect them to specific stages of communication and transaction. And organize your relationships as a team putting together your networks and assigning responsibility to different customers.

Contactually is enjoyable because it takes the mayhem of your contacts from all over the place and makes them manageable. I would even say that Contactually makes you more popular and we all know being popular is fun. Start your Contactually CRM Free Trial Now.


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A CRM that starts at the fun price of $7 a month, Insightly is an all-purpose tool for managing your professional life. It is customer relationship and project managment software that has developed its service with small businesses in mind. It is made to be flexible and integrates flawlessly with Google Apps, Mailchimp, Evernote and much more.

But what is especially fun about Insightly is that you can use it from your smartphone. It is an increasingly mobile world and professionals of all kinds are on the move. It’s just not fun to be expected to be sitting at a desktop all the time. Get out, get some fresh air and carry all of your professional relationships, projects and deals with you.

Insightly is available on any device and ready for your Insightly CRM Free Trial Here.

Base CRM

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It makes me thrilled when I can pick something up and really get it from the beginning. Ultimately, it’s by trying out an actual service that you can determine if it’s really for your business. And unlike me you probably don’t have a lot of time to spare to try out all the CRMs out there. Base shows you how to use its tools for sales productivity with perfect transparency and with great customer service. After getting started you can make an informed decision if this is the service you want to use to close more deals and sell more.

This CRM gets fun points for great customer service and the sharpest tutorial I have seen in the industry. It’s like they anticipated every question I had as I was setting up the system including with personalized phone calls. They must have good work conditions because the customer service rep seemed to be genuinely having a good time on the phone.

The tutorial let me progressively try out the different features of the service. Sometimes if those CRM features do not get explained at the beginning they lie dormant for years. After the tutorial I’d say I knew everything that I needed to in order to operate the system even to take advantage of advanced features.

It’s fun feeling smart. If you are a sales team looking to provide better coordination between managers and sales reps from any device so you can close deals faster, consider an extremely effective Sign Up for a Free Trial of Base CRM.

Are you having fun with your CRM?

If not you should be. Consider these options or browse other customer management software at GetApp.

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