Small Business Marketing Ideas For Halloween


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The Halloween market is growing in two ways that make it very attractive for businesses to take part. First, Halloween is becoming an increasingly universal celebration. Almost everybody celebrates it. Second, individual consumers are spending increasing amounts of money on celebrating Halloween. Are you taking advantage of that spending spree?

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore and as a small business, autumnal activities such as pumpkin carving and Halloween shopping give you unlimited opportunities to take advantage of the seasonal festivities and have a little fun at the same time. Here are our top suggestions for small business marketing ideas – Halloween style:

Vouchers – Everybody loves vouchers! How about you tap into the desire for a bargain and create a special discount campaign. For example, whoever spends a certain amount or over gets a free ticket for the local ghost tour/haunted house tour, or if there aren’t any, how about for the local fireworks display. Customers will want to spend more in order to get the most value for their pennies, and you can probably buy the tickets for your promotion at a bulk discounted rate.

Seasonal Treats – Comes September-October time and Starbucks are the first to roll out their pumpkin spiced goodies. So what stops you from taking advantage? If you are in the culinary or food business, revamp your menu and give it an autumnal twist. More apple and cinnamon, and pumpkin based recipes? Yes please! Halloween inspired decoration too? Sounds like a winner!

Small Business Marketing Ideas – Costume Party – Last Christmas Costa had an offer where every customer who comes to buy a coffee and signs a Christmas carol gets a free piece of cake. Can you emulate that? How about a discount for people visiting your store in their Halloween costumes? Something like this will certainly get people talking and coming through the doors!

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Social Media Campaign – Photo contests on social media are huge. Why? Because people love uploading photos. So why not make a competition where people have to upload a photo of their pet in a Halloween costume or Best Pumpkin Carving for the chance to win a prize. The prize could be anything! From a free dinner for two, to a holiday for two.

Dress the CEO – Another great idea how to get people engaged and create some social buzz around your brand is asking your followers about their opinion on what the CEO/Founder/Business owner should wear for a Halloween party. You can present a few options and then let the public decide. Whichever look gets the most likes wins. This is a sure-fire way to get people talking (and liking).

Get Employees Involved – Speaking of costumes and dressing up, why not ask the staff to get dressed for the occasion. People visiting your store will love that, and if you don’t get people coming into your office, simply get everybody to pose for a picture in their Halloween gear and watch them Likes on Facebook go up!

What are your business’ marketing plans for this Halloween?

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