15 Serious Cybersecurity Resources To Help Protect You and Your Business

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Did you know that approximately 76 million households in the United States were impacted by a cyberattack on J.P. Morgan earlier this year? Did you know that cyberattack fallout could cost the global economy $3 trillion by 2020? In honour of cybersecurity month, we collected a list of “some”interesting resources that you can leverage.

Before we get into some blogs that we found for you, we asked a couple of industry pros for their top picks. Dr. Natalia Stakhanova, the Innovation Research Chair in Cybersecurity and Sandy Bird, IBM Fell, CTO IBM Security Systems Division offered their top picks to bookmark:

Dr. Stakhanova’s Cybersecurity Blog Picks:

1. KrebsononSecurity – Brian Krebs worked as a reporter for The Washington Post has authored more than 1,300 blog posts for the Security Fix blog, as well as hundreds of stories for washingtonpost.com.

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2.Schneier on Security – Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist, called a “security guru” by The Economist. He is the author of 12 books.

Sandy Bird’s Cybersecurity Blog Picks:

3. Security Intelligence – Brought to you by IBM, this site brings together a number of industry people who share up-to-date posts.

4. Dark Reading – This Information Week site is a news site full of commentary and news.

5. SANS Internet Storm Center, InfoCON – This feedly site offers daily content to keep you updated.


6. The AShimmy Blog  –  Alan is a managing partner in The CISO Group, a provider of security, risk and compliance solutions. He is an often-cited personality in the security community and is a sought-after speaker at industry and government conferences and events.

7.  Tao Security – Richard Bejtlich focuses on digital security, strategic thought-leadership, and military history.

8.  Naked Security – Naked Security is Sophos’ award-winning threat news room, giving you news, opinion, advice and research on computer security issues and the latest internet threats.

9.  Uncommon Sense SecurityJack Daniel is Information Security Curmudgeon, Security BSides Co-Founder, Increasingly Reluctant CISSP, MS MVP for Enterprise Security, Strategist at Tenable Network Security, Co-host at Security Weekly podcast.

10.  Andy Ellis – Protecting a Better InternetAndy Ellis is the Chief Security Officer of Akamai Technologies.

11.  Rational SurvivabilityChris Hoff has 20 years of experience in high-profile global roles in network and information security architecture, engineering, operations, product management and marketing with a passion for virtualization and all things Cloud.

12.  Security WatchBrian Honan is recognized internationally as an expert in the field of information security and has worked with numerous companies in the private sector and with government departments, in Ireland, Europe and throughout the United Kingdom.

13. Network Security PodcastMartin Mckeay, is a Blogger, podcaster, Akamai Security Advocate with an interesting podcast for businesses of all size.

14. Cyberark – A company focused on providing information and solutions.

15. David Lacey’s IT Security Blog – David Lacey is a leading international authority on Information Security Management with more than 20 years professional experience of building Security and Risk functions for large organizations.

Note: A version of this post previously appeared on the Invest NB Blog.

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