Newsflash: It Doesn’t Matter What That Popular Blogger is Doing

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Newsflash: It Doesn’t Matter What That Popular Blogger is Doing image 3219627640 c8eb2e2517 m.jpg

A few weeks ago, Copyblogger, a very very popular blog site affiliated with WordPress software, announced that it was pulling the plug on its Facebook page. Almost instantly a furor broke out online. “Should we pull the plug on our Facebook page?” I may have slammed my head into the wall. A few times.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that Copyblogger can claim on its roster some very well-known online personalities. Brian Clark and Sonia Simone are just two people who have been blogging on the site even before blogging became really popular. I understand that there’s a reason “twelebrities” are called “influencers” in many cases. What they decide to do or not do makes people think.

Here’s the thing. Over the years, huge sites like Copyblogger have become well-known and well-respected well beyond the social media realm. They have influence with B2B companies, B2C companies, and companies with all sorts of different product and service offerings. Many of these companies are in far distant worlds from what Copyblogger does. Blogging may represent little to no portion of their marketing efforts.

What I’m trying to say is that for a lot of companies, and in fact maybe even for most companies, it doesn’t matter one jot in the end what Copyblogger decides to do. What matters, what only and always matters, is what works best for your company. No social media guru, no matter how popular, can set an example that will work for every company out there.

This is not the first time I’ve seen this scenario play out. A few years ago a lot of very popular Twitter users decided to unfollow everybody and then they reconnected with only about 17 people out of hundreds of thousands of followers. Many people wondered if this marked the death of Twitter. When a few popular online personalities decided to quit LinkedIn, a lot of people and companies concluded that LinkedIn must be on its way out. Mass hysteria ensues for a while, and then the world returns back to normal for a bit.

This trend must stop.

We wrote awhile back about how important it is to focus on your own work and not your competitors. The same really should be said regarding social media personalities. Their objectives are different from yours. Their business plan is different from yours. While they can offer very good information, and while watching what they do can cue you in to some industry insights, deciding that you are going to do whatever they are doing is simply a meaningless distraction. It doesn’t matter what they do unless what they are doing happens to align with something that would benefit your company.

Our advice is simple. Work on your own company. Discover what works best in your specific industry. Become the kind of company that other people follow to decide what they should be doing. Become a leader instead of a follower. That sounds much more rewarding, does it not?

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