Content Curation: Massive Time-Saver For Small Business Owners

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Hardly a week goes by that our team doesn’t talk with a small business owner who really gets content marketing—really understands why it’s so important—yet simply lacks the time to do it properly. And we’ll be honest: Content marketing does require a certain time commitment. That’s one of many reasons why we recommend that small business owners outsource their content marketing; it allows them to reap all the benefits while still having their time free for other value-adding activities.

With that said, some business owners simply prefer to maintain control over their content channels and their social media platforms. We respect that—but the question is, what happens when you need to post new content but simply lack the time to make it?

Not All Content Has To Be Your Own

You may not have time to write a full blog entry, but perhaps you have found another blog entry, a Wall Street Journal article, or a New York Times profile that hits on some good, compelling points about your industry—points you think your readers might benefit from. The great thing about content marketing is that you can actually use this content in service of your brand.

We’re not advocating for plagiarism, of course. What we’re advocating for is content curation. What this means, in effect, is taking content created by others and sharing it with your own readers—giving full credit to the original author, of course. (By curating content—sharing someone else’s blog post on your Facebook page, for instance—you’re sending them traffic and also talking up their brand, so there’s no reason why anyone should be miffed at you for borrowing their article!)

Content curation has many benefits. It shows that you’re engaged with your industry. It shows that you’re interested in passing along helpful, informative content to your customers and clients. Most importantly, it gives you some fodder for your content distribution channels, but doesn’t take that much time to develop.

Quick Tips For Content Curation

For those who are new to content curation, here are a few quick tips:

  • Don’t copy and paste an entire blog entry on your own website; simply share the original link on your social media channels.
  • Again, always give proper attribution to whoever wrote the piece; don’t pretend like the work is your own!
  • Add your own take on it. Write 1-3 lines of text, simply offering your own view on the subject, or a synopsis of the value you hope your readers will receive.
  • Remember that curation is not enough for a robust content marketing strategy; mixing it up with original content is imperative. Read more about this important balancing act here.

Curating content will enrich your content marketing approach—and it will actually free up some time as well.

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