Can You Trust the Cloud? [Infographic]

Cloud computing

Feeling a little insecure about the cloud ? You’re not alone. According to the numbers found in the infographic featured here, a lot of businesses feel that their cloud security isn’t up to par, and they may be right about that.

Some of the sources of vulnerability are obvious enough. For example, its’ common for many businesses to use a “bring your own device” strategy for their IT departments these days; allowing employees to use smartphones, tablets, and so forth on company networks. This is a major security hole and, according to the infographic, it is, in fact, the source of many security breaches.

Those breaches are getting more common, as well. Every second, in fact, hackers manage to produce two new security breaches. There are plenty of venues for hackers to sell whatever information they can get off of a compromised server and, since prices for stole credit card data hover around $1, those hackers have plenty of motivation to steal a lot of data so they can make a profit.

Despite the fact that cloud data storage is becoming more popular, a full 88% of businesses surveyed to get the infographic statistics aren’t using the cloud to its fullest because of security concerns. More than half of those businesses say that cloud security issues are more critical than they have ever been.

Is the cloud a good idea? Clearly, it has incredible potential, but businesses are wary. They hesitate to put any confidential company information, intellectual property, and employee records in the cloud, and that could be a wise choice.

There are solutions for making the cloud more secure. Many of them involve understanding how the cloud works better and there are plenty of security software solutions to help companies put that knowledge into action. Is your business ready for the cloud? It has a lot to offer, but , if you’re like many businesses, you might have some concerns that need to be addressed before you embrace cloud storage fully.

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