The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cold Calling For Recruiters

The Dos And Donts Of Cold Calling For Recruiters image cold calls.jpg 600x398

The recruiters that stand apart are the ones who add value from that first phone conversation. These recruiters make the first call a little warmer by asking all the right questions, and leading the call with engaging and helpful information.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of cold calling for recruiting.

DO your homework

Be aware of the positions available for hire before you reach out to the company for a recruiting opportunity. That way, you can email HR or the hiring manager a resume to review (minus the contact info), making your email the cold call, and your live phone call more of a warm follow up.

DO pre-sell

When reaching out via email for the first time, reference other clients. That way you don’t waste valuable phone time selling yourself and your company. Just how you pre-sell your candidate to your client, you are also pre-selling yourself before that first call.

If I was referred to a company from a candidate or colleague, my first call is a hot call, since I had that reference. I bring candidates to discuss in the initial call, and I also go after other openings. Don’t be surprised if you close an exclusive contract within that first call.

DO ask the right questions

Have the job order form in front of you when you’re on the phone with clients so you’re asking the right questions. After the questions, you can start setting realistic expectations.

DON’T rush the process

Have a checklist and an approach to your conversations with clients. Rushing it will ultimately slow the process down and even bring it to a grinding halt.

DON’t make a cold call

You should never make a cold call. At best, it should be warm, and if you can, it should be hot from the get go.

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