“May The Force (Of LinkedIn) Be With You”: How To Become A LinkedIn Jedi [Infographic]

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“May The Force (Of LinkedIn) Be With You”: How To Become A LinkedIn Jedi [Infographic] image linkedin header qdg6af.png

When George Lucas first launched the epic Star Wars trilogy back in the seventies, I remember the extremely long lines (giving away my age) associated with viewing this futuristic, science fiction adventure. “May the force be with you” become a popular catchphrase way back when and now it has been revamped with the more current release of the prequels to this now classic and popular tale.

The scholarly force behind the success of these intergalactic missions was found within the Jedi master who shared wisdom with his bright, young pupil, Luke Skywalker. The aged Yoda guided his eager student to follow his path of enlightenment through this training.

The infographic below will show us how to be a Jedi master of LinkedIn success by utilizing the powerful presence of this social media platform available to us in the vast universe of online marketing. We cannot simply close our eyes and let the force guide us through the challenging world-wide web. Listen, look, and learn from the Jedi masters.


LinkedIn has seemingly universal recognition, available in 200 different countries and translates across 20 languages. While the Millenium Falcon could travel across countless galaxies in a mere seconds, LinkedIn can navigate our entire globe in the same amount of time.


Luke Skywalker seemed completely lost in the uber popular cantina scene from the original introduction of Episode IV on his home planet of Tatooine. Alongside Obi Wan Kenobi, backed by the robotic support of R2-D2 and C3-PO, they managed to meet up with their wingman, Han Solo in this epic meet and greet moment.

LinkedIn offers this same type of engagement where you can discover new opportunities and cultivate professional relationships. Just as Han Solo wasn’t necessarily seeking a job as a pilot, the majority of LinkedIn professionals aren’t necessarily looking to add to their workforce, but still 60% of them would be open to the opportunity if it were presented to them.


Obi Wan may have been the only hope for Princess Leia, but there is plenty of assistance available for you on building relationships at LinkedIn. After you have posted your professional profile, you can start building your network. Here are a few ways you can engage with potential connections:

Follow LinkedIn Influencers – comment on their posts and reach out to other commenters.

Use their award-winning Pulse application to consume all the latest news and industry related trends available on your mobile device(s).

Join in with groups that also relate to your business and industry.

Use their Trending Content tool to find worthy and popular articles.


Luke may have thought the Millenium Falcon was “a hunk of junk” when he first laid eyes on it in Docking Bay 94, but it still transported them all the way to the Death Star and back to the royal award ceremony on Yavin 4. Visuals are extremely important in the sharing of content aboard LinkedIn, especially videos which are viewed by 85% of all online users.

LinkedIn also owns Slideshare, a popular web based hosting site for Powerpoint presentations, PDF files, Keynote, Open Document and other visuals. Post these along with infographics and other impressive statistics in a visual format to gain more recognition on LinkedIn.


“May The Force (Of LinkedIn) Be With You”: How To Become A LinkedIn Jedi [Infographic] image LinkedInJedi.jpg

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