Stratford University Will Host Microsoft Test Fest



Stratford University Will Host Microsoft Test Fest, Offer Free Certifications

Stratford is partnering with Microsoft to support students’ professional development.

On Friday, January 16, from 12 noon to 4 p.m., Microsoft team members will work with Stratford University,IT Pro Camp, and Certiport to deliver a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Test Fest. The four-hour event, held at Stratford University’s Falls Church Campus, allows students the opportunity to become Microsoft certified for free.

Following an overview of available Microsoft certifications, the event will introduce students to the robust Microsoft user group community in the Washington, D.C., area. In a job market where proficient computer skills are a basic expectation for job candidates, the Test Fest is an invaluable opportunity.

“While certification doesn’t guarantee employment, it’s certainly a boost,” said Timothy McAliley, a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft Services. “Some employers have specific certification requirements — a lot of federal agencies do — and some employers have a strong preference for certifications.”


Microsoft team members Andreas Gibson, Cullen McVay, Jordan McGrew, and Timothy McAliley — located within the public sector, the federal government, and the National Security Group — are volunteering their time by planning and conducting the event. Certiport graciously donated more than 100 free exam vouchers for participants. 

“Depending on the certification, the exam vendor, and study materials, the MTA certification could cost students as much as $115 per exam,” said McAliley. “The Test Fest is a great low-cost, low-risk way to get certified.”

Along with Stratford Admissions and Stratford Career and Student Support Services, Dr. Keith A. Morneau, Program Director of Stratford’s School of Computer Information Systems, will also help out with the event.

“The Test Fest is a great way for our students to get certified for free. This is a great program that Microsoft’s helped us with,” said Dr. Morneau. “Last August, we held a Microsoft Technology Day. They provided us with speakers and demoed their latest Surfaces. We appreciate their relationship with us.”

Stratford plans to hold another Test Fest later this year.

Learn more about the MTA program:

Learn more about MTA Test Fest:

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