Mason Wartman And Rosa’s Fresh Pizza Pay-It-Forward With Food For The Homeless


Mason Wartman was a sell-side equity research analyst on Wall Street. At the age of 26 he realized that his career had already reached its plateau. Wartman decided to quit his job and start Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Wartman decided he wanted to do more than just help feed hungry customers, so he began offering the option to buy a slice of pizza for a homeless perform for $1. To date he has collected enough $1 bills to buy 8,300 slices of pizza for the less fortunate.

Here’s his story.

1. Left his high paying Wall Street Job to cook pizza.

Wartman Story

2. Mason starting selling pay-it-forward slices for $1.

Wartman Cooking Pizzas in Philly

3. Customers liked the pay-it-forward system and started using it regularly.

Paying it Forward

4. 40 homeless people are fed every day at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza.

Pay it forward pizza wall

What’s even more amazing is that Mason Wartman keeps the cost of regularly priced pizza low. Those low prices mean customers are more likely to donate $1 to feed a homeless person.

The Wall Street analyst turned pizza chef spent $250,000 of his own money to launch the pizza place.

The neighborhood where Rosa’s Fresh Pizza was built is still “under development” which Wartman says had led to slow business — but still fast enough to help 40 people every single day.

If you visited Rosa’s Fresh Pizza would you pay-it-forward for $1?


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