Your Business Definitely Needs Social Listening: Here’s Why

Your Business Definitely Needs Social Listening: Here’s Why

Businesses around the world are catalyzing sales, amplifying brand awareness and differentiating from competition all through social listening – yet thousands dismiss social listening due to lack of knowledge or belief.

This article will explain why they definitely shouldn’t.

So, what is social listening?

Technically, social listening is defined as software which archives online conversations providing brands with information and the means to track and analyze their online presence.

However, we like to take a simpler spin on it – we explain it as using technology to track and find what is being said online.

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How businesses are using social listening

The best way to explain social listening is by listing the things it can be used for. Here’s a run through of what some of the world’s largest brands are doing with their listening tools.

  • Campaign Measurement: Recording and comparing how successful campaigns are.
  • Community Management: Tracking and optimizing the value of all of social activity.
  • Competitive Benchmarking: Comparing performance to competitors and examining what worked and what didn’t.


Comparing mentions of Premier League competitors over the last seven days.

  • Customer Service: Allowing for proactive/intelligent prioritized social customer care.
  • Market Research: Gathering information on customers, competitors or target markets.
  • Lead Generation: Finding new customers and prospects.
  • Influencer Marketing: Identifying individuals who can amplify your messaging in a relevant and impactful way.


Comparing Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors over time.

  • PR Tracking: Tracking news coverage of a brand and keeping tabs on emerging trends.
  • Product Development: Finding faults and suggestions as to how to improve a product.
  • Reputation and Crisis Management: Remaining alert to potential crises and containing them at the first possible instance.


Negative mentions of Apple increasing during the #bendgate crisis.

How social listening is revolutionizing businesses around the world

Over 1,000 brands around the world use Brandwatch Analytics within their business. The Brandwatch Analytics platform provides businesses with the tools to innovate in new ways. Here’s how some big name brands have innovated using social listening.


  • Used social listening to fuel a campaign generating 35,000 tweets.
  • Drove incremental product sales via smarter campaign tactics.
  • Uncovered invaluable insights and personals tastes from its customer base.


SKY TV, DDB, and Game of Thrones:

  • Recorded over 800,000 interactions with a bespoke social campaign.
  • Used Brandwatch to propel its campaign to the international stage, reaching 43 million people in 168 countries.
  • Analyzed the exposure, reach and impact the campaign had on a global scale.


  • Delivered outstanding customer service from informed and reliable social listening researched.
  • Developed a pioneering hotel booking social initiative.
  • Generated an additional 30 percent sales from social media.

late rooms

What makes Brandwatch Analytics different?

Social listening platforms are growing in number and as the industry becomes increasingly crowded it can be difficult to stand out. But here’s what makes the tool different:

  • The amount of data on offer – Brandwatch has access to the full Twitter firehose meaning the ability to collect every single tweet in real-time.
  • Unparalleled amount of sources that data is gathered from – tracking over 90 million sources from review sites, forums, blogs, news articles, social networks, video sites, and much more. Keep in mind, Brandwatch count Twitter and Facebook as just two sources.
  • Unique access to historic data – Brandwatch is one of the only tools offering Twitter data all the way back to 2006.
  • Multilingual – fully supporting 27 languages and can add new languages based on customer demand.

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Brandwatch Analytics doesn’t just provide the best social data, it also delivers a great set of tools that make finding invaluable insights easy:

  • The ability to create bespoke dashboards to view your data in the manner most useful to you.
  • A helpful interface that feels intuitive to use and easy to learn.
  • Filters allowing you to dig deep into segments of your data.
  • Automated, bulk processing to analyze sets of data on a recurring basis with ease.

Support is also fundamental when considering a social listening tool. Brandwatch has a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate, phone, and email based help in multiple languages, dedicated account managers, and regular training webinars and videos.

“The personal touch of technical support is the difference. It is a USP.” Ranjit Sidhu, SiD

Now you know

Don’t disregard social listening due to a lack of understanding or belief in the tool – try one and find out for yourself. If you happen to be using a tool that you’re not happy with, don’t settle.

This article was written by Phillip Agnew from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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