Safeguarding the Digital Hierarchy: Android Monitoring Software to the Rescue

Teenagers and children are often at the risk of getting manipulated with loads of digitized options around. Smartphones for them might help add to the technological prowess but certainly involve a potentially harmful gateway, which is just a step adrift.

Parents need to monitor texts and the online browsing reports of the child and manually going about the job might just be a lot trickier than expected. Be it the usual messaging apps in Viber and Whatsapp, a tech savvy individual might just look for the best Android Monitoring Software to suit the personal spying needs, literally enough.

Most of these software options are much more than a usual parental control scheme and are bestowed with sophisticated functionality and designs. Besides making the parents, digitally aware, these options mainly focus upon the nooks and crannies of the digital sphere.

Upgraded Controls

We need to get over the traditionalism when it comes to these spy or monitoring apps. Just adding one for the computer won’t suffice unless an integrated scheme of all the platforms is adopted. The upgraded options keep the cyber-bullies at bay besides seamlessly fitting into the Smartphone hierarchy.

Good monitoring software offers a lot in terms of stringent controls for the Internet browsing, messaging apps and much more.

A Wider Range

Recent reports suggest that we need to have larger artillery at our disposal for combating these obnoxious elements pertaining to the global, digital framework. Several applications have gained international recognition and PhoneSherrif is one which recently received the Gold award in this regard. Besides this we have other useful applications like WebWatcher and Mobile Spy which run at the background, virtually undetected.

These might be just examples and a properly oriented Android Monitoring Software needs to have several features up its sleeve, to be counted as a dependable application.

For the starters an Online Controlling interface is needed which allows one to view the logs saved over the phone. These details need to be accessible across any given PC or even the web browser. XNSPY is one such tool with features reminiscent of the actual requirements, sporting location tracking as well.

Spying soldier

Other features include the Live Panel besides the availability of the GPS tracking attribute. The latest points can be located on the built-in map and the exact location of your ward can now be visualized and inferred. Mobile Spy is one such application featuring all these specs in addition to the remote device locking option.

Again Android is the most preferred platform for the developers who are looking to create a monitoring software as it allows third party invasions without adding a lot of clutter into the mix. Most of these applications offer logging features besides day long alerts.

Now get a faux pass to apps like Viber and Whatsapp with a powerful monitoring option running at the backdrop, allowing the parents to look for any indecent activity which might hamper the social security of the child.


This article was written by Richard Smith from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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