Too Many Cooks: Favorite Food-Related Movie Moments

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Sour candies, popcorn, cheese dip, chocolate-covered pretzels, and orange soda all help fuel our love of movies. But here at Food52, our food obsession extends beyond time-tested movies snacks — we watch, analyze, and adore food-centric movie moments. If you’re in our boat, you’ve planned a menu based on your favorite movie, you’ve seen Babette’s Feast multiple times, and you’ve started reconsidering your family’s eating patterns thanks to Boyhood. Which is exactly why we asked the Food52 staff:

What are your favorite food-related moments from movies? Bonus points if they are from this year’s Oscars nominees.

Do you still eat peanut butter and Oreos because you watched The Parent Trap during your formative years? Or maybe you dream of having a box of flours delivered to your office? Did any of this year’s Oscar nominees leave you salivating? Share with us in the comments below.

Sarah: My family can no longer eat cornbread because my dad will insist on re-enacting this moment from the movie Life.

Leslie: Sarah, I understand your cornbread problem: My mom is incapable of eating carrots without saying “With God as my witness, I’ll never go hungry again!” — it’s thanks to this scene from Gone with the Wind. 

Jane P: So racy, but, the Katz Deli scene in When Harry Met Sally.

Danny: “Can I fix you some sandwiches?” from Bad Santa.

Will: One of my favorites is from My Cousin Vinny — “What’s a grit?” 

Jenny: This bakery scene from Into the Woods is too cute: 

Ryan M: There are a lot of good food scenes in Mr. Mom — including making a grilled cheese with an iron — but the entire scene at the grocery store is my favorite

Karl: I recently enjoyed the grilled cheese scene from Chef. But who could forget the Uncle Buck shovel pancake flip?

Tim: “NO WHEEZING THE JUICE!” from Encino Man. 

Amanda S: The lobster scenes in Annie Hall! Plus — Oscar bonus! — that funny little pastel cake they used to smuggle things into prison in The Grand Budapest Hotel:

Nicole: Every family dinner scene from Soul Food, because Sunday family dinners were so important while I was growing up. And of course, the final scene of Goodfellas. Now, I’ll always say terrible pasta tastes like “egg noodles and ketchup.” Always. 

Lucy: Single girl struggles: the lone chicken wing from Waiting for Guffman.

RachelThe scene in Heavyweights when they take over the camp and go NUTS:

ChanningI’m so delighted each time I hear the narrator recount Amélie’s favorite simple pleasures in La Fabuleux Destin D’Amélie Poulain. I, too, share a fondness for sticking my hands into vats of legumes and cracking the top of créme brûlée with a spoon.


Honorable mention: Big Night — specifically this breakfast scene:

More: Recreate the dish that Big Night made famous: the timpano

What are your favorite food-related movie moments? Share with us in the comments below!

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