3 Steps To Make Sure Your Content Marketing Doesn’t Suck

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We all know that content makes the internet go around. You’ve all heard the old adage, “Content is king.”

Well that is true because without content there wouldn’t be anything for people to read and consume, so there would be no need for search engines for people to search for anything. Furthermore, content marketing would not be needed.

Without content, the internet shuts down except for the cases of using software and apps.

But, since there is plenty of content already out there and content marketing is an industry all on its own, there a 3 steps you need to take to make sure your content marketing efforts pay off.

Know Your Audience

It is super essential that you know who your audience is. Knowing your audience will let you know what forms of content to create, the frequency you produce content, and what channels to promote your content on.

This will also let you know the language that you need to speak (tone, technical jargon, etc.) in order to resonate with your audience. This will lead to a higher number of conversions and more people on your email list (the money is in the list, right?).

Action steps:

You can get to know your audience by going to where they are. Hang out and mingle in the groups, forums, and other places where they frequent.

Another way to get to know your audience is through surveys. You can set up a survey for free through Google forms and ask people on your email list or visitors of your blog to fill out the survey. Of course, the survey needs to have questions that will help you understand your audience better.

Google Analaytics also provides audience insights through the Demographics and Interests report. In the Demographics report, you are able to see the ages, gender, and parental status.

Demographics Report in Google Analytics

You can gain even more insight in the Interests reports. You are able to  see the In-Market Segments and Affinity Groups of the kinds of people that visit your site.

When you have goals set up in GA (you do have goals set up, right?), you can see which demographics and interests converts more. Create more content for the audience that converts the most.

Provide Value to Your Audience

When it comes to creating content, or performing any kind of content marketing, it’s very important that you provide value to your audience.

When you write a piece of content, it is not about you or your business at all. It is about the people reading your content, and the potential leads that the content will bring.

Action steps:

You need to ask yourself what are some major problems that your audience has. Answer these questions in the form of content your audience likes to consume that’s thorough and easy to understand.

This will gain trust with your audience. People do business with people they trust.

Pro tip: Every piece of content you put out needs to solve a problem for your audience.

Monitor The One Metric

The content that you put out needs to have one specific goal. The same goal doesn’t have to be applied to all content, and I hope you have different goals for different pieces of content. There just needs to be one goal and it should be unique to that article, video, podcast, etc.

Pro tip: the number of page views should not be your number one goal with content.

Action steps:

Make sure your content is either driving leads or boosting engagement. Engagement falls under a lot of different categories, but a few examples of engagement would be social shares, number of comments on your content, or the number of people that are mentioning your brand (in a good way) around the web.

If you’re not getting brand recognition, engagement, or more leads, then you need to rethink your content strategy.

Bounce rates, page views, and the time on site are vanity metrics that you do not need to focus on. Monitor, yes. Become obsessed with, no.

Focus on the ONE metric.


It’s not hard to be great at content marketing. The first thing you should do is understand your audience. Know them better than you know yourself. That will determine everything about what you do when it comes to content marketing.

Don’t get consumed with watching the number of page views in your analytics. Focus on the metrics that are going to move the needle for your business.

Most of all, provide value. There is too much content on the internet that contains too much fluff. People are becoming aware of this and becoming skeptical of the content businesses are producing. Let’s all work together and make the internet a better place with better content.

This article was written by David Prochaska from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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