iOS 10 – An Introduction and Look at the Expected Features

Every year Apple Inc. makes news with their new products and software releases and 2016 is yet another year of innovation and sustainability in terms of Enterprise Mobility. The developer fraternity and Apple enthusiasts will have a whole new world to explore with the release of iOS 10.


So here are some of the iOS 10 expected features:

Rootless Security System

The summary of this feature is that Apple will raise the security for iOS 10 by creating a new system called rootless. This will make it impossible to jailbreak iOS 9 and gain access to iOS 10 functions. However, some feel that it would be challenging but not impossible.

The purpose of this rootless security system is to enhance the security by making it very strenuous for malware developers to infiltrate into users’ systems. So this feature is expected to make iOS 10 to be the first ever perfect untouched OS yet.

iCloud Voicemail

iOS 10 will have all the tendencies to keep SIRI busy as it will now be attending the users’ calls when the device owner is unavailable or is driving! The voicemail messages will be transcribed into a text that the user will be able to access at a later time. The iPhone users can instruct SIRI to answer calls automatically instead of using the traditional carrier voicemail service. This feature could also be considered as a competition to the service owned by Google’s Project Fi that is available on Nexus 6 smartphone.

Contact Availability Status

This feature that is similar to instant messaging apps would now enable iPhoners to see at a glance if their contacts are available for a conversation and the location of the contact. The feature on this iOS 10 will be able to detect if the contact’s iPhone is in Airplane Mode and will be able to present that data to the contacts app.

Apple has made this feature to embrace an augmented version of the “Available/Away/Offline” systems used by many instant messaging apps that includes iMessage. Some of the statuses the OS may include would be “ringer” or “vibration, location of the contact, cellular signal strength and battery life. However, all this data will be retrieved based on user’s sharing preferences or a device’s global settings.

iOS 10 and IOT

Though HomeKit framework is with Apple, iOS 10 promises to make it big and that may include SIRI along with HomeKit enabled devices. The iPhone would definitely get smarter when it comes to communicating with heating systems and the smart lock systems at the front door. Another expected feature that would revolve around IOT would be to cluster all the HomeKit devices by virtual rooms. This would enable the user to take appropriate decision to either adjust, turn on or off a device without actually looking at it!

With all these expectations, it’s anticipated that iOS 10 will be launched in June 2016. And it definitely calls in for a review of your existing apps to be compatible with this new OS from Apple and to ensure that your apps step up to further derive benefit from these new features!

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This article was written by Nithin Rao from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.