#LoveWins: A Special Message from Stratford University


Before the wounds of Paris, Brussels and multiple other places have been given the chance to heal, a deeper even uglier wound, has been inflicted towards humanity by a single person who has destroyed the lives of more than 50 families.  These families and many other loved ones have been severely affected, and they will mourn the unexpected loss of their loved ones forever.

On behalf of the President of Stratford University, the V.P. International Development and his staff at the International Student Office, and all the students of Stratford University, we mourn and extend our upmost support to the families of the victims. Unfortunately, it is just another representation of hatred and radicalization, but something we can promise to fight every day of our lives.

Thoughts and prayers, while appreciated, do not carry the same impact as actions, so here are ways you can help those in need in the wake of this terrible tragedy. Together, we can stand against the hate, against the ignorance, and we can heal.


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