11 Travel-Friendly Recipes So No One Gets Hangry on Vacation

Whether you’re planning a weekend road trip or booking a flight for later this year, one thing is for sure: You’re going to need something to snack on at some point in your journey. Stop the traffic jam hangries, the layover crankiness, and the we-got-lost-on-the-metro stomach-grumbles with one of these 11 easily stored snacks. Plus, you can eat all of these treats with one hand, leaving the other one free for Google maps.

1. Rosemary, Walnut, and Dried Fig Granola

Travel Snacks: Granola

This earthy yet sweet granola is the best way to deal with a snack attack while traveling without filling up on sugar. A blend of oats, walnuts, and dried figs are complemented by fresh, woody rosemary, black pepper, olive oil, and honey. Sprinkle this over a plain yogurt cup if your hotel’s complimentary breakfast looks a little sad.

2. Za’atar-Spiced Chickpea Flour Crackers

Travel Snacks: Crackers

Why bother with wimpy packaged crackers when you can crunch on a homemade za’atar-studded version? Sprinkle store-bought seasoning (or any herbs and spices you have lying around) over a nutty chickpea flour dough and bake until crisp.

3. Superfood Chocolate and Quinoa Bark

Travel Snacks: Chocolate and Quinoa Bark

You’ll have plenty of time to mull over whether this quinoa bark is a healthier chocolate bar or a super-chocolaty granola bar. Either way, this 50-50 split of nuts and seeds under dark chocolate will keep you going all day long. Feel free to skip the addition of instant coffee to the seed mixture, but you might want it if you’re about to drive for six hours.

4. Loaded Breakfast Bars

Travel Snacks: Breakfast Bars

You have to promise to try these cookies even after hearing the secret ingredient, OK? It’s white beans (*insert scream emoji*). Sometimes a cookie is all that can get you through the last hour of a long trip, but save room for the real dessert at your destination by snacking on fruit-sweetened treats during the journey.

5. Tea-Roasted Nuts

Travel Snacks: Tea-Roasted Nuts

Leave the honey-roasted peanuts at the gas station and upgrade your nut game on your next road trip. Scatter Orange Pekoe tea leaves, maple syrup, and chile powder over raw almonds and cashews. Pop them in the oven and get ready to chow down.

6. No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

Travel Snacks: PB Cookie

Crumbly, buttery cookies for breakfast? We’ll take five. This cross between a peanut butter cookie and a Rice Krispy treat satisfies a sweet tooth without ruining your trip with a sugar rush. Store in your bag to whip out after getting lost on a strange city’s public transportation.

7. Yogurt-Covered Cranberries

Travel Snacks: Yogurt-Covered Cranberries

DIY yogurt-covered cranberries (or other dried fruit like raisins or dried cherries) are way easier to make than you think. Plus, you control the amount of sugar that goes into the yogurt mixture—way better than the mysterious coating you might find in a bag of packaged trail mix.

8. Better-for-You Puppy Chow

Travel Snacks: Puppy Chow

It’s like the stuff Mom packed on family trips when you were a kid, but filled with natural peanut butter (or whichever nut butter you like), coconut oil, oats, and dark chocolate. This is the nostalgic snack that will make it totally OK that your flight is delayed and you have to wait five hours in the airport lounge.

9. Oven-Dried Beef Jerky

Travel Snacks: Jerky

For the jerky lover on the trip (there’s always at least one), skip the shrink-wrapped mystery-meat stick and bring a homemade version. Marinate lean beef strips in a sweet and spicy sauce, then let it dry out in the oven for several hours. It takes a while to bake, but let’s be real—you already needed to stay in to finish packing.

10. No-Bake Pumpkin and Sunflower Bites

Travel Snacks: Pumpkin and Sunflower Bites

Pop a few of these pumpkin bites when you realize you haven’t eaten fruit or vegetables in the past 48 hours. The sunflower butter’s mild nuttiness lets the pumpkin shine through. Stash them in your hotel mini fridge or a cooler in the car.

11. Baked Apple Chips

Travel Snacks: Apple Chips

Pull out a handful of apple chips when you need to do a little stress-eating (you’re with your family, and everyone wants to do something different; we’ve all been there). The crisp rounds—perhaps paired with one of those $5 vacation lattes—will give you the boost of energy you need to get through two different museums, a vintage shop, and a three-mile walk to your sister’s choice of restaurant.

This article was written by Rebecca Firkser from Greatist and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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