The Best Recipe Organizer is Tech-Free and Under $5

In an increasingly digital age, it’s no surprise that many of us rely on virtual recipe boxes, with favorite recipes housed in recipe collections, on Pinterest boards, or on one of many websites and apps devoted to organizing recipes from across the web—all of which afford us the ability to pull them up later on any device.​

How to Organize Your Multimedia Recipes

How to Organize Your Multimedia Recipes by Rémy Robert

Recently though, Picholine reminded us of the power of paper when she turned to the Hotline with this query: “I have a series of often-used recipes that I need at my fingertips (rather than drag out my iPad and search). I have an envelope taped to the inside door of my cabinet and recipe cards placed there such as pancakes, quick rolls, stock, pesto, and other basics. What do you do? I’d love other ideas.”

For the times you don’t want to keep swiping your smartphone with flour-covered fingers to access your go-to recipes, an overwhelming majority of you use the same solution: a 3-ring binder. Here’s how you make them work for you:

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  • Nancy keeps printed copies of recipes she uses often in a 3-ring binder, then pulls one out and hangs it with a magnet on the fridge while she works, explaining, “So the recipe is visible, but I don’t need to handle it (muck it up with dough, etc.) while I’m cooking.”

  • MMH says, “I have a 3-ring binder that zips shut all the way around so I can stick all kinds of things in it. I use clear plastic sleeves also. I experimented with storing them online, but found that what’s most valuable to me are the notes I’d written—to document tweaks I’d made or things I’d do differently next time.”

  • Stephanie G notes that the ones she uses often are “pretty much memorized,” but she still uses a 3-ring binder for her favorites and ones she wants to make in the future.

  • Cranberry uses a 3-ring binder with clear pockets to hold printouts​, saying, “I have it organized by day-to-day favorites and then my favorites for various holidays.”

  • SKK says, “I too use the 3-ring binder technique with printed recipes and clear pocket covers. I have a separate binder for all my canning, dehydrating, and preserving recipes.”

Mini Binder

Mini Binder

Lined Linen Notebook With Pencil

Lined Linen Notebook With Pencil

How do you organize the recipes you want to access quickly? Are you on the 3-ring binder bandwagon? Continue the conversation on the Hotline post or tell us in the comments below!

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