A Message from Our President, Dr. Richard Shurtz

shurtz.jpgI founded Stratford University years ago on solid principles of preparing students for rewarding careers. Thousands of students and now successful alumni have benefitted from a solid education that makes their US education so special in the world today. We have changed accreditors over the years and will continue to do so without disruption to our students. I firmly believe our international, military, and domestic students have made the right choice with Stratford. No matter the outcome of the ACICS appeal, it is at least an 18 month process and Stratford will continue to be accredited during this time period. This gives Stratford University the necessary time to secure the appropriate accreditations to continue to serve our students now and beyond the appeal period without disrupting their academic and career goals. We have been working very closely with all the relevant authorities at very high levels, including SCHEV and the Veterans Administration. They have all assured us of their commitment to support Stratford in the transition to our new accreditation.  

To our students, from an academic and career standpoint, your Stratford degree will always stand; and your résumé will always display your Stratford education and its solid reputation in the marketplace.

—Dr. Shurtz, President of Stratford University

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