Any color you like, as long as it’s black

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It’s just a few years back, and this IT pilot fish is the editor and content manager for his company’s corporate internet and intranet.

“We had recently completed a redesign of the corporate website, and a manager came to my desk holding a printout showing the new home page,” says fish.

“He asked, ‘Why isn’t this in color?’

“Because you don’t have access to a color printer, I replied.

“‘But this looks different than our web page,’ he said.

“I know it does, I told him. That’s because it’s printed on a black and white printer. If you saw a printout from a color printer, it would look the same as the web page.

“‘Our website should be black and white, then,’ he told me. ‘That way, printouts of the web page will look the way they are supposed to.’

“That left me momentarily speechless. I stammered for a few seconds, then referred him to my manager.

“We never did build a separate black-and-white website.”

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