Scholarship and Loan Programs in the US for International Students


Many students dream of pursuing an international degree programs at prestigious universities but many dreams don’t see the day due to financial constraints. The good news is, there are several government and privately supported scholarships, grants, sponsorships, and loan programs for international students to help fund their degree programs. Some of the provisions can cover up to hundred percent of school fees, living expenses, and the cost of books and other essentials. To guide you in the right direction, Curious lists a few scholarship and loan programs in the US available to international students.

Institute of International Education

Founded in 1919, the Institute of International Education (IIE) is an independent not-for-profit international education and training organization, offering corporate and college-based scholarships to students who want to study abroad. IIE’s mission is to provide talent from around the globe with an opportunity to attend leading universities known to offer world-class learning, and is renowned for its open and transparent implementation of their scholarship program.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The Fulbright Program is a U.S. government funded international educational exchange program that provides financial aid to international students. The mission of the program is “increasing mutual understanding between people of the United States and those from other countries.” There are only a limited number of scholarships available under the program, 1,800, for which the eligibility and selection procedures vary from country to country. So far, almost 300,000 participants have benefited from the Fulbright Program by studying international degree programs at reputable institutions in the US.

American-Scandinavian Foundation

The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) is a publicly supported American not-for-profit organization that supports the exchange of intellectual influence between the United States and Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The ASF offers extensive fellowship, grants, and intern/trainee sponsorship programs for Scandinavians aspiring to study in the US and vice versa. The ASF Fellowships and Grants program awards nearly $700,000 annually to about 60 students, scholars, professionals, and artists from the U.S. or Scandinavia for research, study, or creative projects exchange.

IEFA (International Education and Financial Aid)

While the above suggestions are all foundations and institutions, the IEFA is neither.  The IEFA is a leading internet resource that lists financial aid information for international students who wish to study in the USA. This website serves as a one-stop-shop providing all the necessary information on scholarships, grants, loan programs to assist eligible students finance higher education in the US. You can use the platform to search for business-related programs via renowned schools and country/state.

Opportunities Await. The Rest Is Up to You.

While the programs we have discussed can cover you financially, it is equally important to ensure you enroll in a reputable university to get the right worth for your time and money. Take time to do your research not only on how you are going to pay for school but what school you will want to attend. If possible, talk to students who ave attended places you are interested in attending. Stratford University provides a number of international degree programs, such as International Master of Business Administration and International Hospitality Management. We also have an International Student Office that is dedicated to helping you achieve success while overseas. If you are interested in pursuing an international degree program, fill out our contact form, or email us at and we will take it from there.