Actually, Avocado Toast Is Not That Expensive

Yesterday, 35-year-old Australian millionaire and tycoon Tim Gurner appeared on 60 Minutes to give advice on how to own property at a young age. The interview quickly devolved into a precious ego display, and the recipients of his scorn were two usual suspects: millennials and avocado toast. “When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each,” he said on the program.

It was an easily-mockable quote, and Gurner was pilloried widely for it, critiques swallowing my Twitter feed for a good portion of my afternoon. Numerous outlets have fact-checked his claims rather rigorously, quashing the particular fiction that he’s peddling. They’ve all reached the same conclusion: No matter how much avocado toast you consume, that spending still won’t amount to the cost of a literal house.

5 Variations on Avocado Toast

5 Variations on Avocado Toast by Marian Bull

If there’s half a point buried in Gurner’s quip somewhere—that restaurant prices for this dish have become a bit too high to justify—his ire is misplaced, making lazy, sweeping claims about a generation’s spending habits. He punches down at a generation who’s become a rather easy target of derision. But I’ll entertain his claims for a second: Making your own avocado toast isn’t expensive, regardless of rapidly-metastasizing avocado prices (they go for $2 a piece at my nearby grocery store, which I don’t love). All you need to do:

  1. Toast some bread.
  2. Take a fork and crush your avocado. (Don’t slice your hand open.)
  3. Garnish it with whatever you’d like: chili flakes, pepper, salt.

Avocado Toasts and Friends

Avocado Toasts and Friends by Sarah Jampel

See? It’s easy. And it won’t set you back a ton of money.

So eat all the avocado toast you want. It’s very good. And I’m sure you’ll have enough leftover funds to buy a house. Take that, Timothy.

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