9 Tank Tops That Will Legit Motivate You to Work Out


Tell us if this sounds familiar: You know you should work out. You want to go to the gym. But you just can’t muster up the motivation. We figured out the secret to get us moving: You need some fun tank tops, ones you want to be seen working out in. Shameless? Yes. But it works. Shop the nine most popular workout tanks from Keep.com, a platform to discover the latest trending products, below.

Beach Don't Kill My Vibe

1. Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe Tank

We’d love to spend the summer poolside with a piña colada in hand at all times. But we’ve got bills to pay, and drinking all that alcohol isn’t exactly the healthiest choice. So we’ll have to settle for this tank that reminds us of warmer days—and makes us a little more chipper at the gym.

($28; tipsyelves.com)

Let Your Soul Guide Your Way

2. Let Your Soul Guide Your Way Tank

Sometimes you need to embrace your inner flower child with an introspective workout—and this shirt is the perfect reminder. Maybe it’s a totally rejuvenating yoga class or a meditation session. Regardless, you’re bound to feel centered and zen afterward.

($48; bloomingdales.com)

I Don't Sweat, I Sparkle

3. I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle Racerback Tank

This shirt comes in handy on those days when you need a major confidence boost before you even start your workout. Embrace that conquer-the-world confidence. Say goodbye to any workout insecurities because you don’t sweat the small stuff. And even when you do perspire, you sparkle!

($21.99; lookhuman.com)

God Bless Brunch

4. God Bless Brunch Tank

If you’re the type of person who thinks brunch is more than a meal (it’s a lifestyle!), you know that skipping it isn’t an option. You can help your body offset the damage done by that string of Bloody Marys with a quick workout (wearing this tank, of course), after taking a post-brunch nap.

($28; tipsyelves.com)

How to Work Out

5. How to Work Out Racerback Tank

If this tank isn’t a spot-on description of every workout you’ve ever done, we have one question: Who are you?! Also, we’d like to point out that if you make it to the gym and spend 14 minutes on the treadmill untangling your headphones, at least you’re exercising.

($21.99; lookhuman.com)


6. Namaslay Tank

If you ever catch us zoning out mid-workout, we’re probably thinking about everything we’d rather be doing (and it’s usually a long list). But some days we wake up ready to go, pumped for a crazy kickboxing workout or a hot yoga class that’s more namaslay than namaste. This is the shirt for when you mean business.

($46; shopbop.com)

Work Out Then Pass Out

7. Work Out Then Pass Out Tank

Do you even lift? And we’re not talking about lifting your head to snooze your alarm for the seventh time. This is the shirt for Sunday afternoon workouts when Netflix is your BFF and running shoes are the enemy. The Handmaid’s Tale can wait. Promise.

($21.99; lookhuman.com)

I Work Out Like This Flawless

8. I Work Out Like This Racerback Tank

This is the Beyoncé of workout t-shirts. All confidence, no nonsense. When you put on this shirt, every machine you lay eyes on is yours for the taking. Yas queen!

($21.99; lookhuman.com)

Do You Wanna Do a Workout?

9. Do You Wanna Do a Workout? Racerback Tank

First of all, you better be singing “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” after taking one look at this t-shirt—or you can’t sit with us. Kidding, but c’mon, it’s Disney! And if nothing else, this tank is a reminder that every gym playlist needs a little Disney magic.

($21.99; lookhuman.com)

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