The Big Idea: Tesla’s Solar Roof

David Kashakhi


Solar panels on slate tiled roof of modern houseIn Marvel Studio’s first feature film, Iron Man, Tony Stark announced that he was Iron Man. I am fully convinced that Tony was covering for Elon Musk. I mean, just look at Musk and his innovations. PayPal. Tesla Motors. SpaceX. If anyone is developing an armored, weapon-suit in our world, it’s going to be Elon Musk. He has strategically placed himself as the frontrunner of innovation, surpassing Apple and Google in new and unique ideas that take society forward.  His particular approach to business may be considered unorthodox, it is hard to deny Musk’s drive and passion for science, exploration, and green technology. So it continues with Musk’s drive for innovation as he is developing and releasing to the public the Tesla Solar Roof. The Tesla Solar Roof is composed of photovoltaic tiles, priced at $21.85 per square foot. “Photovoltaic” in case you were curious is a description for a component that converts light into electricity through semiconducting materials, and generates no pollution or greenhouse gas emissions once implemented. How the Tesla Roof makes going green affordable is these photovoltaic tiles are 20% cheaper than regular tiles on your roof, they look like actual tiles (which is great in case you have an HOA watching your home carefully). Finally, on account of how these photovoltaic tiles are designed and composed, the Tesla Roof is stronger than a traditional roof, and should last longer. So you have a solar roof that is stronger than a standard roof, but your house doesn’t look like it has a solar roof.

Still curious about the latest technology from Tesla? Well then, read on.

Tesla has two styles available for pre-order: a textured black glass tile and a smooth grey tile. There will also be available in 2018 Tuscan and slate styles; and these tiles are all inconspicuous. You can’t look at a house and know if there is a Tesla Roof. You look at a house with the Tesla tiles on it, it’s a solar panel roof, but it looks just like a regular roof and is 20% cheaper to have installed. All this, and it will last longer than a usual roof.

So if you are in the market for a new roof, consider getting yourself a Tesla solar roof. It’s the smart investment when you consider the cost, the design, and the benefits. You can, on ordering the Tesla Roof, also order a Powerwall 2.0 as well. The Powerwall will take you 100% off the grid, making your home completely green and self-sufficient. Keep in mind, the Powerwall costs an additional $6,500, but over time you are going to save all this money.

With all this, I’m going to wait patiently now for the Iron Man suit. We all know it’s somewhere in Musk’s mind. He really is a superhero in the making.



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