7 Paleo Seafood Dishes So You Finally Get a Break From Chicken and Beef


Now that we’ve broadened our Paleo horizons from oatmeal to Asian-inspired dishes, why not add seafood recipes into the mix? Remember, although Paleo does focus on introducing more basic plants and animals into your diet, contrary to popular belief, this does not have to mean red meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We’re adding to our Paleo portfolio this week with the help of Bill and Hayley of Primal Palate and seven of their favorite seafood recipes. From salmon to cod and shrimp, Bill and Hayley encourage a healthy dose of fatty fish for any diet, Paleo or not. They show us how easy it is to sauté, bake, and steam our favorite fish and spice up our dinner go-tos… even pizza.

1. Paleo Salmon Cakes


salmon cakes

It can be hard to find good seafood. That’s why canned is always a good backup option, and it eliminates a step from your prep. With your ready-to-go salmon on hand, simply combine all of the ingredients, shape to form cakes, and bake for 15 minutes. We love bake-at-home seafood cakes because you can go mini for slider-style or go big for a hearty helping.

2. Adobo Salmon Salad With Avocado Salsa


salmon salad

To keep things on the simple side, try this grilled salmon recipe lightly flavored with Adobo seasoning and paired with an avocado salsa that gives it that fresh summer vibe. By serving the filet on a bed of fresh butter lettuce or greens of your choice, this recipe checks all the Paleo boxes.

3. Paleo Shrimp Tacos


shrimp tacos

If you’re looking for a low-effort but the high-in-flavor meal, you’ve come to the right recipe. Cooking frozen shrimp takes no more than eight to 10 minutes and with the right seasoning and fresh toppings like romaine and avocado, these tacos are a great choice for those nights you need to cook dinner but don’t want to put in the effort.

4. Asian Salmon Bowls


salmon bowl

Nowadays, we put everything in a bowl… and seafood is no exception. Tired of a plainly baked salmon filet? Grab two forks, flake the filet, and add it to a bowl of cauliflower rice, celery, mushrooms, and an Asian-style marinade. Use any extra salmon for a healthy omega-3-packed addition to any salad.

5. Jerk Shrimp Tacos With Mango Pomegranate Salsa


jerk shrimp tacos

If you loved the looks of the shrimp taco recipe above and are ready to take things to the next level, bring in the pomegranate seeds. The fresh, fruity burst from the pomegranate balances the spicy kick from the jerk seasoning. These cassava flour tortillas are the real deal and should be on every Paleo grocery list.

6. Pan-Seared Cod With Herbs and Lemon


Pan seared cod

Two pans, 15 minutes, one fresh and healthy seafood dinner coming your way. By baking the cod fillets after sautéing them, you get that crispy brown coating that we all know and love (but usually can only get it at restaurants). Serve on lettuce of your choice or with a side veggie for a light but satisfying meal any day of the week.

7. Shrimp Curry With Cauliflower Rice


shrimp curry

If you haven’t gotten your shrimp fix quite yet, then this curry recipe is bound to do the trick. Coconut milk and chicken broth add healthy fats and protein to this dish that will 100 percent have you coming back for seconds. Helpful hack: You can throw raw shrimp straight into the simmering curry sauce and cook them simultaneously.


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