5 “Out of Industry” Ways to Apply Your Business Administration Degree

Business Administration in Baltimore

When choosing a college major, it’s a good idea to select one with versatility and strong career potential. A business administration degree is a program that provides students with a variety of career options. Whether you’re looking to be CEO one day, or open your own small business, a business degree will prepare students for a diverse array of career opportunities. Business graduates receive real-world, hands-on experience that can be applied to any career, making it one of the most versatile degrees you can get. Let’s look at 5 ways in which a business administration degree can benefit you even if you work outside of business.


With competitive job markets and the constant evolution of technology and its effect on the global marketplace, graduates would be wise to earn a degree in which they can easily adapt with the constant changes in modern business. With a business degree from universities or online business schools, students acquire knowledge, skills and become proficient in a range of studies in modern business, that can be useful across many industries and sub-sectors.


The skills that are developed when earning a business degree will be useful throughout the lifetime of a career. No matter what the economy looks like, these skills will be beneficial to any graduate even with evolving economic needs. Business professionals span all industries and opportunities are available no matter the career goals, whether they are working in a corporation, a startup or even a non-profit.

High Demand

Business graduates from universities in Baltimore, Maryland study a wide range of subjects, from art to science, as well as planning and analysis. Having a broad, strong skills set in business such as this keeps them in high demand over many different industries, including finance, marketing, public relations, insurance and more. Even with today’s highly competitive job market constantly changing, business graduates are highly sought after by potential employers. This degree gives job candidates a leg up on the competition because of their competitive skills set, well-rounded knowledge of business and flexibility in a wide array of industries.

Analytical Thinking

Business students gain the knowledge to analyze projects and potential issues and work through the steps to resolve these issues. Students acquire financial skills, math skills and the ability for critical thinking when they earn a business degree.  All of these skills are imperative when examining current business issues with a critical eye and exploring creative new ways to solve these issues, utilizing and developing these analytical skills. Accounting skills and knowledge of information systems are also transcendent among industries. Accounting skills are just as relevant to a small, family run business as they are to a multinational corporation. Information systems work the same in the offices of a real estate tycoon or in the basement of a startup.

Leadership Skills

The leadership skills that business graduates attain transcend many different industries. Business schools in Baltimore, such as Stratford University, focus on communication skills, team-building abilities, conflict resolution skills and critical thinking skills, which are all important for leadership roles. This set of skills is imperative for any graduate that wishes to rise up the ranks in whichever employment sector they choose. For this reason, business graduates are attractive job candidates to many different potential employers.

Stratford University’s School of Business Administration is dedicated to providing our students with the skills, thought and knowledge to join new, growing or mature business enterprises. Students have the option of daytime, evening or weekend classes to accommodate any schedule, as well as online classes for even greater convenience. At Stratford University, we introduce real-world concepts to prepare our students for a lifetime of learning that is required for career advancement in today’s competitive global economy. Call Stratford University today to speak to one of our representatives about our business administration degree program or visit us at https://www.stratford.edu/business-administration to learn more.

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