What is a Health Science Degree and How Can You Apply It?

How to apply a health sciences degree

With the healthcare industry booming in recent years, there’s never been a better time than now to earn a health sciences degree.  But what exactly is a health sciences degree and how can you apply it to your future career? Below we discuss all the ways in which a graduate can apply this degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is estimating that the healthcare industry will have a booming 22% job growth by 2020, more than any other occupation category. Students that study in the field of health sciences usually have an interest in working in the healthcare industry in one form or another. Stratford University seeks to educate and prepare its students to be compassionate and patient-centered professionals in the career fields of medical assisting, pharmacy technology, medical insurance, billing and coding, healthcare administration, and health information management. Graduates of the health sciences college program may choose to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation or continue their education working towards an advanced degree in fields such as dentistry, nursing or pharmacology.

Graduates may choose to work in a variety of different roles including laboratories, hospitals, counseling, research centers, clerical, or a more specific field such as dentistry, engineering, or biotechnology. Health sciences refers to the group of disciplines which apply scientific research to the overall care and improvement of human and animal health. There are many sub-disciplines of health sciences including pediatrics, acupuncture, physical therapy, neurology, oncology, and nutrition.

At Stratford University, students have the options of Associate in Applied Science in Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding; Associate in Applied Science in Pharmacy Technician; or Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting. Graduates of these programs can work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. Graduates can also continue their education for a higher degree in a related health science field.

Stratford University offers students the following options in health sciences for Bachelor’s degrees: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management. Graduates with a Bachelor degree in health sciences can work in marketing, management, and education. Some career options include medical laboratory technician, physical therapist, diagnostic medical technologist. Graduates may also continue their online health science education for a higher degree in a related field such as medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine.

Students at Stratford University have the option of earning a higher degree in health science –  a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration. Graduates of this program typically specialize in a certain area of study. They may go on to work in occupations such as mental health therapist, health administrator, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and more.

With the healthcare industry growing at an all-time high, if you have been thinking about a career in healthcare, now is the time. Stratford University offers classes during the daytime, in the evening, and on weekends to accommodate any student’s busy schedule. What are you waiting for? Contact Stratford University today for more information!

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