5 Valuable Skills Veterans Can Bring to the Workplace

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When members of the military finish their service and duty to their country, oftentimes, the next step in their career is in the civilian workforce. Although anyone who changes jobs or career paths can experience trepidation, veterans and employers alike can rest assured that these potential employees have attained a certain skills set that will benefit potential employers and will set these veterans apart from other job candidates.


According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, nearly 200,000 veterans enter the workforce every year. While military personnel are hard at work serving our country, they are also acquiring unique strengths that they can bring to a civilian job. Potential employers should not underestimate this pool of talented employees and not forget that National Hire A Veteran Day is July 25. Whether you’re an employer that is looking to grow your staff, or a veteran looking to highlight your capabilities earned while in the military, take a look at this list of attributes veterans have to offer.   


Veterans learn many aspects of leadership while in the military. Depending on their rank, they most likely have been in charge of a team or several teams at some point. They use the wisdom acquired to make good decisions and hold themselves and their team accountable. They are expected to accept and complete responsibilities, motivate others, and delegate tasks with concise directions. In addition, veterans work in a hierarchy-based system and team-oriented environment. This allows them to take direction as well as know when to give it.

Work Ethic/Core Values

When an employer is looking to hire potential employees, knowing whether or not someone is accountable and trustworthy is difficult to judge. The military instills a strong code of ethics and core values in its personnel. Veterans acquire a work ethic that any employer would be thrilled for all their employees to possess, through military service, training, and lifestyle. Veterans have the sense of responsibility that employers look for, needing minimal supervision in order to complete tasks assigned to them.

Works Well Under Pressure

The military requires it’s veterans to work under extreme conditions, in some of the most stressful situations one can imagine. Veterans are required to set priorities, accomplish tasks and meet deadlines on a regular basis. This can add a lot of pressure and stress to any job, and military personnel are trained to deal with this pressure and complete tasks without disruption. These working conditions create much more apt employees in veterans, allowing them to handle the stress and pressure that comes with working in the business world.


As mentioned above, the military is a hierarchical system, and therefore, teamwork plays a major role in the everyday aspects of military work. Veterans are good team players because their everyday jobs involve working in groups, applying their strengths individually as well as relying on their military coworkers when the time calls for it. Veterans spend their military years knowing how to depend on each other to stay safe and complete tasks. This translates well to the business world, as veterans understand the importance of teamwork and how a diverse team can work well together to achieve goals.

Tech Savvy

Military personnel are extremely knowledgeable about the most sophisticated technology in the world. Veterans are required to stay educated with the latest advances in technology to be able to keep up with the ever increasing complex systems. This skills set translates well into the business world, allowing veterans to learn new technology quickly and keep up with the ever changing industry.


**Note: Hire Our Heroes founded Hire a Veteran Day to provide a day to spread awareness and create a platform where employers and veterans can network. Hire Our Heroes (HOH) is a non-profit organization operated and founded by veterans for veterans. For information on volunteer opportunities or to make a donation, please visit the Hire Our Heroes website.


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