How The GI Bill Can Help Advance Your Education

The benefits of The GI Bill for Students

Military personnel put their lives on the line for Americans’ freedoms every day that they serve in the military. They acquire invaluable life lessons, core values and military instincts that will carry over into any future career. Along with these crucial skills another benefit service members and veterans can leverage is The GI Bill. But figuring out how to use these benefits can be confusing. First, you must decide which benefits work best for you and then how you want to use them. GI Bill benefits are available for Institutes of Higher Learning such as: four-year universities, community colleges, and advanced degree programs.

There are three main sources of funding: Tuition Assistance, the Montgomery GI Bill and the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Further, there are supplemental services that are also available, such as the Yellow Ribbon program, Tuition Assistance Top-Up, GI Bill Kicker, the Work Study Program, and Tutorial Assistance. Along with tuition assistance, the GI Bill also assists with books, supplies, housing and sometimes moving expenses.  

The GI Bill, first passed into law in 1944, was designed to help military personnel and veterans who fought in World War II by promising them access to a quality education. Over the next decade, more than 2 million soldiers went to college and over 5.6 million went to trade schools, training and certification. The GI Bill has evolved over the years, due to our ever-changing world. This evolution includes the Post-9/11 GI Bill and the 2017 Forever GI Bill, which eliminates the 15-year time limit to use the benefits and expanded benefits to more military personnel.

At Stratford University, we have a dedicated Military Student Office that is designed to assist all of our military student body with any questions or issues. Stratford is recognized as a military friendly school, participating in the Services Members Opportunities College (SOC) program as well as the Yellow Ribbon Program. Stratford has an abundance of military education programs that are designed to help active U.S. military and veterans complete their education.

Our Military Student Office is focused solely on assistance with education programs for both active and former military personnel. The office can assist with all college options for the military personnel, and help with any issues, either academic or non-academic.

Stratford University has three programs that can help maximize credits for your prior education, training, and work experience. These programs can be utilized for up to 75% of your undergraduate degree and 50% of your graduate degree. The intent of these programs is to help our military students complete their education as quickly as possible by building on their military background.

At Stratford University, our programs are focused in areas of high demand, including business administration, computer information systems, health sciences, coding and billing, culinary arts, and hotel/restaurant management.

Online universities for the military, such as Stratford University, are a great option to utilize the GI Bill benefit. We offer accelerated degree programs, with job placement assistance to help transition to a new career after your military service. Our flexible academic calendar and class schedules make it easier to fit into your busy life. Stratford offers day, evening and weekend classes. Online courses make it more convenient than ever to earn your college degree while still balancing your work life. Enrollments start five times per year: January, March, May, August and October, allowing students to begin when they want.

If you have GI Bill benefits and are interested in pursuing your college degree, there are a few steps you should take to move forward. First, establish your benefits. You must apply for that benefit with the Veterans Online Application (VONAPP). You should receive a Certificate of Eligibility in about 6 weeks. Second, select your program of study. Give some thought to what program interests you. Our Admissions Department can offer assistance with this selection. Third, get credit for your prior work. The Military Student Office can help you determine how to apply your prior work to your chosen program. Fourth, enroll and start your classes.

Our Military Student Office can assist you with all of your education needs. We can help navigate the benefits application process. We can help guide you with your program choice. We can assist you with getting credit for your prior work. We can help you with the enrollment forms.

And finally, we can help you get started with your new academic career.


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