Program Spotlight: Medical Billing and Coding

using a medical billing and coding degree

If you’ve ever thought about working as a medical professional, earning your degree as a medical billing and coding specialist may be the right career path for you. At Stratford University, our Associate of Applied Science in Medical lnsurance, Billing, and Coding program prepares students to be knowledgeable in all areas of medical billing codes as well as how to use the medical office software to process medical insurance bills. There are many specialty areas of the medical insurance industry, and a medical billing and coding degree prepares students for success by gaining proficiency and experience necessary in this highly specialized field.

A medical billing and coding specialist has many different opportunities and options within this industry. Most often they work in a hospital or physician’s office setting, however, other options include internal or external auditor, a consultant to other medical professionals, or an educator. Many medical billing and coding specialists have the option to work from home.

Medical billing and coding specialists that specialize in a particular medical field are in very high demand. Areas such as neurosurgery, orthopedics, or gastroenterology in which the coder has a strong knowledge of the anatomy, terminology, medications, codes and rules of that specialty can be very helpful for career advancement.

Medical billing specialists should have good communication skills, be detail-oriented with the ability to analyze financial data, be a good team player, and understand insurance policies. Medical coding specialists should be detail-oriented, have strong research capabilities, possess a vast knowledge of medical terminology, and have good organizational skills.

Stratford University’s online medical billing degree program focuses on several key areas:

analysis and interpretation of patient medical records, filing claims, insurance verifications, auditing charges, preparing medical billing invoices, submitting claims, outpatient billing, customer service, abstract codes, handling routine patient and insurance inquiries, just to name a few.

Earning your medical billing colleges degree has never been more accessible – each class can be completed in 5-10 weeks, allowing you to earn your Associate of Applied Science in Medical Insurance, Billing and Coding degree in just 2 years. Stratford University offers on-campus classes on days, nights and weekends, as well as online classes, to make it easier than ever to complete your courses. Contact us today to discuss further your options regarding this exciting and rewarding program.

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