How to Apply Your Degree in the Workplace

Studying for Stratford University College Programs

Whether you have just graduated high school and find yourself contemplating “what should I do now?,” or you have finished your degree at Stratford University and think to yourself “what does my future career look like?”, you definitely have options. Knowing what career you want and how to get there is an important step in your education decisions.

Below we have comprised a list of degree options offered at Stratford University and how a postgraduate may apply them in the workplace.

Business Administration Degree

At Stratford University, students who pursue a degree in Business Administration with the innovative thought, skills, and knowledge necessary to navigate through the global economic workforce. Students leave our Business Administration University prepared to apply real-world business concepts in the corporate world. Stratford offers many degree options in Business Administration. Depending on your career goals, you can earn your Certification, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate in Business Administration or Accounting. Students with this degree typically hold mid-level positions in marketing, finance, sales, and management. Some common positions for BA graduates include marketing analyst, sales representative, advertising manager, database administrator, project manager and business developer. A Business Administration degree can also be specialized for different areas of business, such as information technology and human resources.

Computer Science & Information Technology

Computer Science and Information Technology is a degree in high-demand with the boom of the IT industry in the last few decades. Students acquire both broad and specialized technical skills and theories, with the knowledge of how to apply them to the most advanced hardware and software. Graduates of Computer Science and Information Technology, depending on degree level, are qualified for careers such as software application developer, computer systems analyst, software systems developer, web developer, network systems administrator, database administrator, software engineer, network architect, senior research scientist, security consultant, and information technology consultant.

Hospitality & Culinary Arts

The Hospitality and Culinary Arts degree program is suited for those students who wish to work in the hospitality and culinary arts industry, providing them with the essential hands-on experience required to have a successful and lasting career. Stratford University’s degree program offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s options in culinary arts, hotel and restaurant management as well as hospitality management. Graduates of the Hospitality and Culinary Arts program can find rewarding careers such as food service manager, fine dining chef, executive chef, restaurant manager, hotel manager, caterer, food writer, events coordinator, travel agent, resort manager and cooking instructor.

Health Sciences

When considering your degree program, Stratford University is one of the top Health Science colleges in the country. The health sciences industry has seen exponential growth over the last several years and the US Labor and Statistics Bureau predicts the need of health science professionals to grow by more than 22% by 2020. This degree program offers Associate’s for Medical Assisting, Medical Insurance, Billing and Coding, and Pharmacy Technician; Bachelor’s for Healthcare Administration, Health Sciences and Health Information Management; and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. Graduates of the Health Sciences program can expect exciting and in-demand careers such as pharmacy technician, medical billing and coding specialist, laboratory technician, medical assistant, and hospital administrator. The Health Sciences program is suited best for individuals who wish to work in the medical field. Your billing and coding postgraduate education, or any degree program you choose, from Stratford University will prepare you for patient-centered and compassionate work standards that will set you apart in your professional organization.


The nursing industry is one that is short on supply and in high demand. The Nursing program at Stratford University focuses on advancing the use of emerging healthcare technology as well as developing dedicated patient advocates. Our Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program is fueling the demand for more nursing professionals. Nurses have the ability to work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics. They can be travel nurses, work in administration, or get advanced degrees to become nurse anesthetists, or administrators. They have the option to specialize in a particular medical field such as obstetrics, oncology or cardiology.

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