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About Stratford's Accounting Degree

The accounting industry is changing. With the advent of online cloud software and advanced data technology, the methods accountants have used in the past have forever changed. But, even so, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data shows that the future of the accounting industry is stronger than ever, with projected growth to be 10% between 2016-2026.  

Stratford University’s accounting graduates are on par with the future of the industry. A Business Administration degree prepares students for the future of accounting, building on a foundation of broad, fundamental knowledge of the field, and expanding to develop skilled graduates that are fit for advisory, consulting and CFO roles. 

Now is an excellent time to seek accounting degrees for a career in the accounting workforce. Accounting firms and accounting departments are expanding in many major companies. There has been a shortage in recent years for quality accountants, and it’s always a smart choice to seek a career in an industry that has high demand and isn’t over-saturated.  

The types of careers that accounting degree majors seek are bookkeepers, certified public accountants, certified internal auditor, certified managerial accountant, accredited business accountant, budget analyst, comptroller, and chief financial officer.  

If you are looking for a career that can evolve and has the potential for salary growth, you may want to consider earning your Master’s of Science in Accounting. This can greatly expand your career opportunities, allowing you to move up the corporate ladder. Online accounting courses make this achievement more convenient and attainable than ever.

Another way to take advantage of this growing industry is to develop a specialty in a sub-field of accounting. For example, becoming an expert in healthcare accounting can give you an edge over other job candidates. This can be achieved by taking additional courses or seminars or working with a mentor. 

Stratford University offers several Business Administration programs to help you meet your accounting career goals. Along with Certificates and Associate degrees in BA, Stratford also offers a Bachelor of Science in Accounting as well as a Master of Science in Accounting. With day, evening and weekend classes available, as well as programs starting at different times throughout the year, it’s never been more convenient to earn your degree

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