Program Spotlight – Healthcare Administration

About Healthcare Administration Degrees

A career in healthcare administration is a perfect fit for a student that has a head for business but also has a passion for patient care within the healthcare system. A graduate in healthcare administration is prepared to develop, plan, and manage healthcare programs within healthcare systems. They enter the workforce ready to oversee business operations at hospitals, nursing homes, community service organizations, and other medical facilities. 

With the aging US population living longer and longer each year, the cost and need for medical care are steadily on the rise. Along with the need for medical care, is the need for qualified healthcare administrators. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a growth rate for the field of healthcare administration employment to be 22%.  

In this career field, healthcare administrators work hard to ensure procedures and protocols are followed for patients and employees. With a healthcare administration degree, graduates will be educated in many aspects of the medical field including patient information, employee relations, and healthcare/insurance maintenance. Administrators are responsible for running an efficient and effective facility as well as caring for patients to keep them healthy and happy.  

When you graduate from a health science college, your career opportunities are vast. A degree from Stratford University helps prepare students for careers such as training and developing management, health insurance specialists, human resources, nursing home administration, clinic administration, insurance company analysis, and more. Stratford University also puts students in a great position to pass necessary certifications and other exams, and in time, Stratford graduates can even grow into management and executive positions for hospitals, health management groups, and other healthcare practices.

Stratford University’s Health Sciences program provides several ways for you to achieve your career goals in the healthcare field, including a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration. With day, evening, and weekend classes available, as well as programs starting at different times throughout the year, it’s never been more convenient to earn your degree.  

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