Nursing In China: Today’s Studies

Nurse Assisting Patient in China

Although the number of registered nurses in China has risen from 2.05 million in 2010 to 3.5 million in 2016, the shortage of nurses in China continues to be a problem. The average number of nurses per thousand people in China is 2.54 as of 2016, below the international average of 4 to 5 nurses per thousand people. While there are multiple paths to becoming a registered nurse in China, the title can be achieved either through secondary nursing programs and associates programs or through a bachelor’s program. The difference between them is that bachelor’s programs become registered nurses upon graduation, while the secondary nursing programs and associate programs have to pass the National Nursing Licensure Examination (NNLE).


As these programs vary, international students from China are becoming more interested in US based nursing programs to enhance their careers in China. Studying abroad in the US has many benefits for international students from China. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Quality Education

Stratford University’s School of Nursing is one of an exclusive group of accredited CCNE nursing schools in the US. Their program puts emphasis on innovation; science and theory of nursing; advancing the use of emerging healthcare technology; and a commitment to producing dedicated patient advocates.


The objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program are to utilize theory and evidence-based practice to provide safe, quality, patient-centered care; to teach care of patients by using clinical judgment, critical thinking, and knowledge of best practices; and to be eligible for licensure. Unlike nursing schools in China, Stratford’s program creates an environment where competency-based learning can flourish. Graduates start their careers ready for nursing practice and leadership roles. Your nursing education at Stratford introduces you to the science and theory of nursing and helps you develop an understanding of the distinct perspective of the nursing discipline.

Competitive Edge

Studying in the US at universities with the best nursing programs gives you a competitive edge when you return home to start your career. Employers see international students as driven, open-minded and resourceful – qualities necessary to adapt to new environments. When you study abroad, you learn about new cultures and diversity, giving you a cross-culture awareness that isn’t developed when you only study in your native country. You gain a new perspective that helps you see new experiences in a different way and broadens your mind to new concepts.

Bilingual Advantage

Speaking multiple languages gives you a strong advantage over your nursing counterparts when applying for nursing jobs. International students who study in the US will have the opportunity to hone their English language skills. Speaking a new language in real world situations is a whole other ballgame than learning one in a classroom setting. You will learn the language faster and become more proficient by speaking English regularly. When you study at international nursing schools, you speak English in more conversational settings, allowing you to speak like a local and learn words that aren’t taught in class.


Studying abroad in the US for Chinese nursing students can be a rewarding and life-changing career move. By developing your English language while earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Stratford University, you will be more appealing to potential employers and experience many more benefits throughout your career.

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