How Searching For a Job Has Evolved in the Digital Space

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Technology has changed the way we maneuver through our everyday lives. These changes have also had an impact on employers and how they recruit. Job seekers in today’s digital era must steer through job searches with a multi3-pronged approach. With employers using sophisticated software to sift through thousands of resumés, job-seekers must use every tool in their arsenal to get their foot in the door with potential employers. Let’s go over some tips and tricks on how to navigate through job searching in the new digital space.


Many recruiters and employers use tracking software that sifts through piles of resumés looking for keywords describing specific qualifications or experience. It is important that the applicant tailor the resumé to fit the job description for each individual job application. Otherwise, you run the risk of never even being considered as a candidate. Even if you haven’t performed those exact job descriptions, you can get creative and think outside the box. If the job is asking for project management experience, you can reference some of the projects you worked on in your Digital Forensics Masters courses. Familiarize yourself with industry acronyms, and include them on your resumé as well.


Networking is not a new concept when it comes to job searching, however, how you network has changed with the times. It’s important to diversify your efforts to find a job using your Culinary Arts Associate’s degree. Don’t get stuck on one company, one job board, or with one recruiter. While your odds are better of finding a job the more times you apply, the returns diminish as you branch out into industries that you are not qualified for. Nothing can replace good old fashioned meet and greets, cocktail parties, and talking to friends and family for employment leads. Employers really like to hire people that are known to an employee rather than hiring a total stranger. Therefore, try using your connections to a company through friends or family to land your next job. The more tools you use, the better your chances are of getting hired.

Social Media Profile

Recruiters and recruiting software often scour social media sites, such as LinkedIn, to find candidates as well as screen applicants. Keep your profile up-to-date, including any new skills you’ve acquired. You may be on the radar of a coveted employer and your updated profile could get you in the door.

LinkedIn, a professional social media network, also has job postings to connect you with potential employers. You can connect with current and former co-workers, as well as, current and former employees of companies that you are interested in. You have the ability to read reviews of companies in order to see what employees have to say about the working environment. You can also make connections with people that work for the company of interest. LinkedIn has an alumni board where you can reach out to alumni from your Healthcare Administration program to make other professional connections.

Your social media profiles on other sites are a great way to highlight your personality. Make sure that your profiles are professional and cleaned up. Use sites such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with job opportunities. Social media is a great way to make connections and find job potential.  


Another great way to show off your talents and set you apart from the average applicant is to create an online portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of documents that allows you to showcase all of your accomplishments. Things to include in your portfolio include your resumé, cover letter, Business Bachelor’s degree, certificates, licenses, work samples of projects or assignments, sales reports, professional memberships, and transcripts. Use this opportunity to show your personality and creativity, although make sure to keep it concise and to the point. There are a number of sites with which you can create your portfolio, including Behance, Foliodrop, or Weebly.

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