Taking Advantage of Scholarship Opportunities

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Going to college is one of the best ways to further your career and ensure your financial security for the future. In fact, college graduates earn 50% more than graduates with only a high school diploma, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

However, most college students aren’t prepared to pay their college tuition in full. But there are a number of ways to ease the burden of college tuition. From 529 plans to financial aid, students have many resources available for tuition assistance. One of the ways Stratford University is creating options for students is by offering college scholarship opportunities.

Student Financial Services

Stratford University offers financial services to new and returning students. The mission of Stratford University’s Student Financial Services is three-fold:

  1. To provide exceptional customer service and financial counseling to new students, continuing students and alumni.
  2. To provide predictable payment projections for students and predictable cash flow for Corporate Finance.
  3. To comply with all Federal and State regulations. Our goal is to help you meet your financial obligations in a responsible fashion. We will assist both before an after graduation with any financial questions that you may have.

We offer a variety of services to our students to help in any way with securing tuition assistance. This includes applying for any bachelor’s scholarships when they are available.  

Power Forward Scholarship Program

Stratford University’s Power Forward Scholarship Program offers several options for tuition assistance for current and future Stratford students. Each program has its own eligibility requirements. Read further to see if you qualify for any of the Stratford University’s scholarship programs, including master’s scholarships.

  • Stratford First Scholarships: The Stratford First Scholarship is applicable to eligible high school seniors who enroll at Stratford University during the summer and fall terms following their high school graduation. The scholarship awards $10,000 to be applied towards tuition and fees. Each campus can receive scholarships for up to five students. The scholarship cannot be combined with any other Stratford scholarship, grant or discount. The application deadline is May 1st.
  • The Stratford Guarantee: This exclusive reward program offered by Stratford University helps ensure students’ success by giving students who demonstrated their best effort to attend and participate in class a second chance to retake that class at no cost should they fail the first time. The value of the program varies based on the course to be repeated. This program is available to first-time Stratford University students and to continuing students transferring 50% or less of their program requirements. Students must have had 100% attendance and received a failing grade in the course repeated. The failed course may only be repeated once under the Stratford Guarantee.
  • Stratford Extra Rewards Program: This program offers $166.50 in reward credit earned for each class completed at Stratford University at the undergraduate level – up to $6,660.00 in credits. The rewards are payable at graduation only, provided the student participates in our Smart Borrowing program, and remains enrolled for the duration of the program.
  • Stratford Culinary Competition Scholarships: Stratford University rewards our exemplary culinary students by offering scholarships to winning team members who placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the Pro Start, CCAP, or SkillsUSA competitions in Virginia or Maryland.  

Why Stratford University?

Stratford University is a private institution of higher learning. The student body is diverse, including recent high school graduates, working professionals, international students, and persons desiring to change their career fields. Our mission is to prepare students for rewarding careers through quality educational programs, such as our business administration university, that meet the changing needs of employers and the community. In order to meet this mission, the University offers a variety of certificate, diploma, associate’s, bachelor’s, and graduate programs in emerging and high employment demand fields.

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