Prior Learning Assessment Credit Program

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As we mature and gain the treasure trove of knowledge from different experiences, we become better prepared to navigate through life and all its challenges. This knowledge we gain not only helps us in our personal lives, but it carries over into our professional and student lives as well. Stratford University understands the value of this incredible wisdom that students procure through life, and gives prior learning credit where it’s due.

Stratford University is a private institution of higher learning. The student body is diverse, including recent high school graduates, working professionals, international students, and the person desiring to change their career fields. The mission of Stratford University is to prepare students for rewarding careers through quality educational programs that meet the changing needs of employers and the community. In order to meet this mission, Stratford offers a variety of certificate, diploma, associate’s, bachelor’s, graduate programs, and work experience credit in emerging and high employment demand fields.

What is the Prior Learning Assessment Credit Program?

Prior learning refers to the education acquired through life experiences in formal and non-formal ways. Some of the ways people can achieve prior learning include work training, military training, independent study, professional certifications, exams, civic participation, and volunteer work. Stratford University evaluates the prior learning knowledge of students that apply to the program, to give college credits towards degree programs such as a Business Bachelor’s program.

What Qualifies for PLA?

  • Work Experience: A seasoned professional that has multiple years of on the job experience working in team-based projects or has a certification specific to their industry. You could be closer to your degree!
  • Military Experience: Active and retired military service men and women have many areas of applicable training and expertise that can equate to college credit hours. Stratford is proud to have the opportunity to help. You can even check your credits instantly now with our instant check.
  • Life Experience: A mom looking to rejoin the workforce may be closer to a degree by having a multitude of life experience by doing what it takes to keep a household up and running. Life experience is very valuable!

What are the benefits?

The prior learning assessment credit program is an amazing opportunity for students to save time and money. When working towards earning your nursing degree, you can get there faster if you qualify for these credits. By earning PLA credits, it takes less classes to finish your degree, and therefore you earn your degree faster. Plus, you also earn higher degrees in a shorter amount of time by bypassing some of the required classes with PLA credits.

The same way you save time, you also save money. If you have prior learning experience, you can skip a portion of your degree plan courses with this life and work experience, and not have to learn it all over again. With the credits earned, you have less culinary courses to take and so you will spend less money on tuition and books.

Along with time and money saved, PLA credits can beef up your resume. These credits show potential employers that beyond your education, you also have an impressive skills set to offer.

Stratford University is proud to give prior learning credit to students that have acquired an education through ways other than attending a university. For more information, visit us at to see if you any of your previous life experience translates into college course credits.

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