How Online Courses Teach Students More by Doing Than Watching

young male student working on classwork on laptop

The act of learning any new information or skill set involves a layered process within our brain.  Factor in the speed at which new content is streamed to us, we have to continuously adapt how we received and encode the information. Stratford University appreciates the capacity of technology being an ally in learning, and understand that student learns better with a tactile online course than just sitting in a classroom.  That’s why they developed their online school with a curriculum to service a variety of students professional focus. Whether your goals are in healthcare, hospitality, education, or even culinary arts Stratford’s online school is here for you.

School of Nursing

Stratford’s nursing online education is an accredited program that specializes their focus on clinical reasoning and has a dept of advanced simulation experiences.  Their foundation is solid in innovation, science and theory, use of emerging healthcare technology, and commitment to developing strong patient advocates.  Stratford offers sound clinical knowledge, interdisciplinary insight, and a holistic approach to patient care.

School of Hospitality

Strafford’s hospitality online education prepares its student for the evolving demand for hospitality and culinary arts professions.  They offer hands-on skills towards tangible improvements, and a framework for lifelong learning to advance their career.  Degrees offered include Master of Science in International Hospitality Management, Bachelors of Arts in Hospitality Management, and Associate of Applied Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.  The opportunity to secure a job after our finish the program is favorable, given that many Stratford alumni hold positions in various food service, hospitality, and tourism industries.

Stratford University is here to change lives one student at a time by providing career-focused programs to meet the need for high demand industries. They offer financial services to make your education affordable, international student offices, student support services in housing, and child care, and military students offices.

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