Teacher Appreciation Month at Stratford

May is Teach Appreciation Month, and if you have small children in school, you’ve probably gifted their teacher something special. For those of us pursuing higher education in nursing school, computer science, culinary arts, or a masters program, our teachers may often be the unsung heroes during this celebration. This May, take the time to honor your professors and thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Take the Time to Thank Your Teachers

Many people choose to teach because they’re passionate about their subject and are eager to mentor the next generation in a field that they love. Especially for those in higher education universities, teaching is part of the way they give back and inspire passion in their students.

Teaching can be difficult, from planning informative lessons to time spent grading papers and tests. Many teachers have office hours, as well, teaching outside their regular courses and advising students in person and via email and text about the subject matter. Understanding all the work that goes into your education helps you truly appreciate your hardworking instructors.

Encourage Your Community to Thank All Educators

It’s not just the schools that are honoring teachers this week. Many businesses in your community may also be offering discounts or extra perks for teachers this month, especially during the nationally recognized Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7 to 11. You can help by visiting your favorite businesses and asking the owners if they’re planning to celebrate teachers in your community. You may find that some aren’t even aware of this event!

Gift Your Teacher

You might consider going in with a few classmates or a study group for a larger gift for a favorite teacher. Or, for those enrolled in a class that meets earlier in the morning, bring in bagels, donuts, or another breakfast treat to celebrate your teacher and share with the class.

Other gift ideas may be something unique to their field. For example, a culinary arts teacher might enjoy a nice bottle of wine or a nursing instructor, someone who spends a lot of time on their feet, may enjoy a gift certificate for a pedicure.

Write a Sincere Thank You Note

Your teachers aren’t just helping further your education – if they are doing their jobs well, they’re also setting you up for success in your chosen field. Teachers spend countless hours keeping abreast in new technology and advances in their field and pass that knowledge along to you in easy-to-learn bites. Teaching isn’t just simply opening a book and guiding the students through knowledge. It’s also ensuring that when you graduate, you’ll have the skills to perform your job and the understanding of how to increase your overall knowledge and the field as a whole.

Writing a sincere thank you letter to your favorite teacher can be more meaningful to them than any type of gift or treat. Let your teacher know how they have inspired you or some of the things you’ve enjoyed learning most about.

No matter how you choose to honor your higher education teachers this month, from a card to a gift, be sure to make the time to give a simple, heartfelt thank you to all teachers out there for their dedication and passion.

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